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[Suggestion] Single Hero Modes

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Posted on 8/4/17 7:02:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The basic idea is for modes like HBM, HT, or Dungeons designed not for an entire team, but to be handled by a single hero.

The modes could be designed for each individual hero or for each type of hero (so tank heroes face one set, while dps heroes face another, and supporters face yet another).

It could just be a generic setup that is the same for all heroes, but I think that wouldn't work as well for something like this. Some heroes would be vastly overpowered for it, while others would see almost no usage due to being too underpowered to cope.

But if you can win these, obviously tough due to having only one hero to use, battles, you can get some nice rewards.

For instance, single hero HBM may reward two or three times as much exp to a hero as regular HBM of that level would.

Single hero HT may reward soul stones. Perhaps you can pick which hero you face in the HT, and get soul stones for that specific hero, or maybe they're just random chests.

Single hero Dungeons may reward twice as many shards as the regular Dungeons do.

And maybe ALL of them have a low chance of rewarding some small amount of fame, kinda like regular HT can occasionally reward gems.

Or maybe the rewards are totally different. Those are just some possible suggestions. :)

But this could be for Legendary heroes exclusively, it could be for all heroes (though I doubt most would bother with using Elites or Ordinaries, beyond the novelty of it), or for extra challenge it could be solely for the Elite and Ordinary heroes.

I personally think the Legendaries or All Heroes options would make the most sense for something like this, but having a mode specifically for the use of Elite and Ordinary heroes could be really interesting, too.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
Posted on 8/5/17 2:50:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

That's a great idea except that single dungeons should be different sort of like expert dungeons another section of dungeons created for that
In case of hbm create another set (challenge 4) where you can only participate with one hero
Hero trials could be as you said but for each hero create a hero to go up against so it is not unfair for heroes like paladin

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