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[Suggestion] A quality of Life thing...

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Posted on 8/7/17 9:39:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

...would be if in Lost Realm we could see how much energy the enemies are before we walked to them...

That would actually make planning how many steps you do and which enemies you attack much more energy efficient, because this way you know that the 2 enemies closest to you take 6+6 = 12 energy to kill plus the, for example, 4 steps to get to them (these numbers only if they are two steps close to you) you use the 16 energy you have left... without running to the wrong enemy which has 12 energy and you have to w8 for the bar to fill up...

I can understand after writing this, that this doesn't add much, but... Same way they added a QoL change with the Altars being upgradable to level 10, this could be as much useful as that :D

Thx for reading and I hope it gets to the eyes of the devs :D

Edit: Also I don't know if this has been asked before... 1) I'm not here often 2) When trying to search for Threads in the search bar nothing comes up even if you know the name of the Thread... Maybe I'm doing something wrong... :P

2nd Edit: Like scottbryant said... Sweeping the attacks would be an even BETTER addition!

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Posted on 8/7/17 1:26:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree that it would be nice to see the energy, however, at this point in the game, I can guess how much energy they will cost by the hero shown.

Keep a mental note of the cost of each team before you attack, and you can start noticing the trends.

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Posted on 8/7/17 1:28:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would rather they just let you sweep the teams if you beat them before, or the whole board. I spent 3-4 hours trying to burn through my stamina cards and only got through 60 of my 170