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[Suggestion] It's time to move on.

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This is a big thread. Take atleast 10 minutes to read it, you don't have to read the story, of course. This is a big suggestion. Please give feedback after you have written through the thread. Names or numbers are exchangeable. It's about the idea.


It's time to move on. You may ask yourself "what does that mean?". I will explain.



My grandpa is telling this story and everytime he does so, it sounds like it happened yesterday. But please, take a seat and listen yourself.

"I remember that day. It was early in the morning, with the sun shining. We were building the castle like any other day. But suddenly, an earthquake happened. The sky clouded. It began raining red fireballs."

"What happened next?", I asked him. 

"Do you see that portal over there? That hasn't always been there", he sighs.

"On that day, where the sky turned dark, and the village got nearly destroyed. After that, the dark portal appeared.
At first we didn't know what to do. We expected attacks. But nothing happened. We sent our best troops to guard that strange portal. After a couple of days and still nothing happening, we decided to sent soldiers into that portal."

"What did they find?"

"They never returned. We sent more and more but no one returned. Today we know why: Only the best, only the elite could survive there.
So we sent our elite, our so-called heroes together with an army there."

"Oh, I like that part.."

"After a few days, they returned. Only a very few of our heroes remaining, no army left. But the heroes - they were different than before. They became even stronger than they were. They looked different.

It is what we call the 'New World' today. In this world, you start at zero again. Everything seems similar to here, but even a freakin wolf will tear you apart as a proven warrior."

"So that's why we have been training all these days?"

"Yes, this world is different. You will see. There is no sun, no light, no birds singing. Every creature you know is darker, angrier, more evil and harder to kill. You won't know when or where to sleep. You generation will be the one that is going to build a village there. And you will defend it with your lifes."



This is the story of a new game mode, called "New World" or "New World Plus". You may recognise the idea from a few different games. Here is how it works:

  • After reaching 120k might and your first double evolution, you will see a new portal in your base. 
  • This portal gets you to a whole new, dark and frightening world where you have nothing except a Town Hall Level 1.

  • With this "addon" of the game, you will be able to get 2 new builders. Why? Here is why:

  • Before being able to go into that portal, you may select a total of 4 heroes you will be able to use and also take up to 3 builders/workers with you, which you want to use in the new world.
  • Everytime you enter it, you may switch the heroes or assign/withdraw builders.

  • This setting comes with a dark scheme, whole new (-> dark) graphics. Only evolution and double evolution heroes are allowed to enter the New World. Every evo or devo hero will have a normal look there (like non-evolved ones).

  • You will start at 1 MIght there. This Might is called "Prestige". Your old world does not change - everything stays the same there. The New World is a whole different game mode where you start at 0 again.

  • When building and upgrading your base, you will be able to take more heroes and builders into that new world. Heroes will not be able to be in both worlds at the same time. This will as well bring some tactics into the game; it will require you to make decisions.
  • You will have Mesa, HBM and all the other modes. But the heroes starting at HBM A are no joke. These heroes in the new world have the so-called third evolution: "Ancient".

  • The Ancient Evolution is only available in the New World. When a double evolution hero reaches level 200, he may be evolved into an Ancient Hero. The hero then turns into a darker form of itself, raising its stats further. He starts at level 1 again, taking way more (x2,5) experience to level up.

  • All enemies found in the New World are ancient heroes, even green and blue ones.
  • All troops you encounter are also ancient. Troops can be evoled into Ancient Troops after they reached level 5. Make units great again.

  • You can level the Ancient Troops from 1 to 5 again, unlocking the next unit beneath it. Ancient Units are much stronger than our regular units and also only useable in the New World.


Enough explanation for now. Details are for the game designers and developers. What do you think? 

Oh and btw, if this gets implemented eventually: I want Michael on my German account. This dude doesn't want to come to me. That's it. Hope you enjoyed the idea.


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love it

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This sounds very similar to what Clash of Clans did.   As you said "You may recognize the idea from a few different games".  

Overall, I think it was an improvement there, with new mode and new base arguably better balanced.   But I am not sure I like the overall plan.  I would rather they enhanced their main game instead of making a new side-game.   I think CC approach of focusing on main game, while not pleasing everyone, is better way to spend development new dollars.

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sounds like clash of clans, distracts u from your actuall base. Peeps will stop building up their normal bases once they reach one devo

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Might I suggest adding one thing? I have been for a while thinking why green and blue cannot be evolved, which I think is a shame. As a new world it would be splendid if Green would be able to Evo, Blue would be able to Devo and purple would be able to Trevo (Triple Evo or what you call Ancient). Of course only allowing green and blue to move over to the new world (you would need them for garrisons) once they hit 200/200.

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At this stage id be happy with fame rewards in arena,seriously igg,get the finger out.

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I Like The Idea  of creating  a " New World" but I am not sure how much it will benefit players. You see, that would mean player will have to devote time building both bases, unless and until if some benefits of new world effect the old world- Eg: If  Darvo ( Dark Evolution) Hero can also be used in old world. Then this feature makes sense. Also, New World may have new set of Dark troops, which we can call to aid use sometimes in Old world.

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