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[Suggestion] Save gems or spend!!

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I think U can Save, and wait for events like Uncover the treasure were u get a chance to get heros like Demo, Art or Molt

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I would wait for an event combo like spend gems to win (300 gems then 2500 then 8000) with an uncover the treasure (every 2000) so then i spend around 2500

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Save. The more rolls, the better the odds. Also, you won't get the might or the resources you need to evolve heroes if you are constantly getting new ones. Save until you get at least two heroes at 180. Then roll.

Do all three quests every day, btw. And good luck!

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Stop comparing yourself to double evo teams

Your 25k might your a long long way off from competing in lbf so forget about that for now

Focus on dungeon heroes and getting to insane 4 10 at least.

If you hVe gems roll them

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Definitely save.  Rolling heroes now won't do much for you, because your primary limiting factor are things like shards/HB/gold storage.

A lot of people fall into the trap of wanting to roll heroes early, then find out they can't actually level any of them because they don't have the resources.

By the time you do have the resources, some of the heroes you rolled, might already be slightly outdated, or worse.

As long as you are still able to progress and already have a pretty good team, don't waste your gems.  Save them.

Only roll when you have to.

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