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[Suggestion] Not just another Shard Hero suggestion

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Posted on 8/11/17 2:37:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Clashers,

we've seen multiple posts where players state the belief that old legendary heroes should become shardable heroes (or shardable heroes removed from gem rolls).

I have a similar but different idea.

IGG should take any hero not already shardable (or a gem purchase hero) and put them in 3 tiers based on lifetime. Each tier has a shard cost, greater than 20k. For example (all figures and timeframes theoritical and open to argument and change):

Tier 1: 25K shards - all heroes 6 months or older. Spend 25K shards to obtain a random hero.
Tier 2: 40K shards - all heroes aged less than 6 months except the very latest hero. Spend 40K shards and obtain a random hero.
Tier 3 (debatable): 70K shards - the latest (or before last) hero released by IGG. Spend 60K shards to obtain this hero.

Similar to traits, IGG could incorporate escalating gem costs per number of rolls. So if I want to get that dupe Tier 3 hero, I have to pony up X gems as well, for example.

Of course, it would need polishing. But I think that this idea would help allay some of the frustration around the randomness of gem rolls by giving people a better chance to get the hero they want, while still keeping gem rolls as a viable, enjoyable and profitable game mode.

Thanks for reading!

Posted on 8/11/17 2:55:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I might be alone here but I think that it is okay that heroes are only obtainable by gems because you are forced to play with what you get. Shardable heroes are there for you to start with something and they are okay early on. Im not saying that the rolling system is perfect, nor far from it, but I do dissagree on making heroes shardable.

Posted on 8/11/17 4:12:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Better yet, make it like another game I play and make certain heroes have soulstones as a possible reward on a specific dungeon. So if I want arctica, I sweep insane 4-10 to get a few soul stones etc.

Posted on 8/11/17 4:55:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Some thoughts:
A lower tier then 1 which adds old heroes  (which mostly have become useless at this point) that are either not meta or a "basic" requirement (pd for example). Basically remove those heroes from t1.
I highly doubt they are going to do t3 just by looking how they are milking gs and anubis right now.
Tier 2 looks reasonable, but probably will need a higher price for IGG to even think about it.

Posted on 8/11/17 7:54:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't think it needs to be complicated.  Once a hero becomes relatively underpowered for the game, make them shardable after a undisclosed amount of time, and take them out of the rolling pool.

Orksbane, Pixie, DK, LL, BT, the list goes on.

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