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[Suggestion] Any one at IGG hear me out please

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Posted on 8/12/17 7:17:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I totally think that cc should do a free day where anything you normally have to use gems to get just make it free just for one day, not every one wants to spend thousands or even a dollar on a program it would just be great to know that IGG is there for the players and not for the greed of money

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And a Canadian dollar at par day. The exchange is killing me

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Posted on 8/12/17 7:37:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I played many games.   Yet to encounter one where there was a lack of suggestions from greedy cheapskates making a case that game could be so much better if things of value in game were given away for free.

It's very amusing after a while how much work people spend making rationalizations why they should get something for nothing.

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I'd love to see that, and it'd be a good step in the right direction if IGG wanted to mend things with their player base.  Unfortunately, the thing stopping something like that is the fact that IGG doesn't care about long-term relationships with the players, they just want us to spend money.

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Posted on 8/12/17 8:10:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@Ddj226, First you have the option to spend or not, no one will hold a gun to your head eitherway.  However I fail to see how that would equate to a company giving away their goods, even for 1 day. 

Nor do I understand your statement of a company who actually tries to make money equating to " greed of money".  After all the goal of a company is to make money and if they fail, then there is no company.

Finally I have to ask how would you categorize this posts.  You don't want to spend money on the game, but you want to play, but not as an F2P player, (which is an option) you want them to give you whatever you want for a day and take the loss so that you won't think them greedy. 

LOL!! forgive my laughter, i'll move this to suggest, so that perhaps they will be as amused as I was.



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Posted on 8/12/17 9:52:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

if they did a free gems day then we could roll as many heros talents enchantments etc til there was no further reason to need gems why didn't I think of that. make sure it's a free fame day to please

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If you want what people are paying for then you have to pay too.  That's how consumerism operates.

That said, I would love to see a resource conversion building in this game.  A building that allows us to convert unneeded resources into usable resources.  For example, we could convert our gold, mana, or HB into shards.  Then we convert shards into fame if we wished.  It would make raiding relevant again and provide a slow but steady fame income to those who would work for it.

This game was founded on raiding your opponents.  I think IGG has forgotten that core foundation along the way.