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[Suggestion] Please fix this stuff, IGG!!

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Posted on 8/14/17 11:16:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Holding area where you can open a bunch of heroes to see their talents then select the one(s) you want to go to open altar spaces. -OR- Be able to see heroes talents while they're still in card form and just open the one with the talent you desire.
2. Fix the mailbox so it provides the same warning that your warehouse has too many of that item for you to claim it.
3. A message that would allow any books over what you can hold in your warehouse to convert to Aetherrocks or badges when finishing a quest or quest time bonus.
4. Keep the crests from reverting back to the beginning when you combine.
5. Have a feature on Wretched Gorge/Summit and Mesa/Isle that would auto start the next battle with the same people/positions provided everyone had additional runs, unless someone exited out.
6. A warning that your honor badges are too full to claim rewards with honor badges in them like quests and expeditions.
7. Fix the coding back to the original way in Lost Realm so that you can go over 80 stamina without restarting the countdown clock.
8. Fix the coding back to the original way so that you can see the total number of gems you've spent in a day in the Pet Plaza help menu.
9. Move the exit button on Hero Expeditions and Guild Wars once it hits 50% so you can't accidentally exit when it would complete the run.
10. Have the default on Hero Trials be the last level you attacked. -OR- Move the Start button on Hero Trials so that it doesn't start the next run accidentally when you click exit. -OR- Have an option for the same level to auto restart until you stop it or run out of chances.
11. Stagger Lost Realm team image so you can see if there's anything to attack or open on the tile you're on.
12. A warning that the hero you're sweeping with needs to be upgraded to continue to gain experience.
13. A switch in the info tab of gold mines and mana mills that turn off the collection bubbles.
14. Be able to use hammers on the quest board to lower refresh time. Some players have spent a lot of time, resources, and money getting buildings maxed out, they should get to use the hammers on something.
15. Be able to refresh dungeons and stamina with gems or cards. Why shouldn't players who like to keep a stockpile of cards be able to buy and spend gems?
16. Make artifacts like enchantments where they bless all instances of a hero instead of just one. There are no game modes where you can use two of the same hero at any given time, so there's no reason why it shouldn't be like that.

Posted on 8/14/17 11:33:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No they are too busy trying to identify current strategies people use to win, then creating a new hero to obsolete those strategies.

Posted on 8/14/17 11:43:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lots of great suggestions and there were plenty more when they actually asked the community for suggestions. We've only seen a handful implemented and those that were are still a bit lacking (e.g. Battle Altars upgrades only to level 10 with crystals). While I appreciate the "fixes" there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. We can only hope that they slowly are implemented and we're still here to see it.

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Posted on 8/14/17 11:43:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah, don't understand why they got rid of total number of gems spent. Maybe ppl spent more if they weren't sure how many they already spent.

Posted on 8/14/17 12:10:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

~Moving to Sugesstion: All Thread of such Nature Belong to Sugesstion Section.

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Posted on 8/14/17 12:15:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Definitely number 4.

Posted on 8/14/17 12:38:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

"9. Move the exit button on Hero Expeditions and Guild Wars once it hits 50% so you can't accidentally exit when it would complete the run."

And if I pass the 50%  while I do not want to lose all my hero for the next fight? (I talk about expedition in this case)

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Posted on 8/14/17 12:56:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd add one more point, remove the 20s waiting or make it shorter in Lava/IS when you do it with friends/clannies.

Posted on 8/14/17 1:48:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Most of these are excellent ideas. Well done! If IGG can take a few, we'll have a better game.

Posted on 8/14/17 2:13:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree, except the new equipment does affect all heroes of same, so if you bless pd..all of them have that effect fyi. But those are good. To add to that I wish they would allow sweeps in lr to use up our dang stamina cards quickly. Also, I wish they would add a 20% chance to obtain hero soulstones for specific dungeons like I've seen in some other games. Then allow some heroes to be exclusively exchanged via other soulstones win via certain events like a boss or something combined with gems for an exchange such as: covert 100 drake soulstones  (won from bosses) for 300 gems and receive 25 demo soulstones. Then everyone has a chance and the game retains some viability in hero acquisition beyond gambling for a year to get one.