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[Suggestion] Buff to ptp heros?

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Posted on 8/22/17 6:57:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I myself feel that spirit mage, and destroyer are underused because their weak. Now a days people can get one roll, and get a hero 10* as good, such as Anubis, rockno, gs, ect. They need to buff SM hp, and maybe destroyers attack, though he is just a mish mash of things. Does damage, increases his own attack, has 5 ld. Don't know what ya can to do fix him. Sm is very useul, only devo though, because less then that he is too weak. U shouldn't have to put tenacity on a ptp dungeon hero. People pay 200$ for sm, and sm is a lot weaker then Anubis, witch people can roll for 150. Stupid in my opinion that people can get rockno, Anubis, Gun slinger from a free roll, but u have to pay 200$ for sm, and she is weaker then heros ya can get for free. Please consider this IGG, would greatly appreciate it. To be useful, and worth 200$, u need to at least double, or possibly triple her HP.

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Posted on 8/22/17 10:48:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree... sorta.

I do think SM and Mino are fine the way they are.  Mino in particular is pretty OP still.

Destroyer on the other hand is flaming crap, and has needed an update for a long time now.

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Posted on 8/22/17 11:25:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

sm can really benefit from hp buff, damage wise he can easily be a top damage dealer to multiple targets due to not having cd, but his hp really let him down. destroyer, well he is what he is. he should get the most upgrade out of any gem purchase hero.

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Posted on 8/23/17 10:52:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's not surprising you folks didn't recognize they've already tweaked Destroyer.

They gave him a suit of armor, a sex change, and called him MechTessa.

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