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[Suggestion] Please consider the rule alliance war of castle clash

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Posted on 9/14/17 10:51:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone and castle clash management guys:
I'm the player who came from the Taiwan and has been play castle clash over 3 years, it's really nice mobile game and I will support that at the end.
But there has one thing you need to know and consider to change the rule.
The alliance (guild) war defence ever Thursday and Sunday has serious problems now,  every player has tired to challenge the high score due to many new hero raise. Therefore  senior player decided to connect another alliance to leave hero gone and let other ally get high score.
It is not correct thing, many player has give up this game because this thing happen.
please help to re-consider the rule of alliance war, there has some suggestion as below for your reference:
1.If player take off the here from base, the might should be decrease also during guild way defence,it's more fair and make sense for this game
2.Add some official lineup to let player challenge besides of original guild war
  It can let player brainstone to get more enjoy sink the game  during challenge, and it will also to pay more money in order to challenge myself.

We would like to thanks the IGG team provide many game content, it could be more fun if you accept one of above recommend and get more people back to play game again.
Thank you.

Posted on 9/14/17 10:56:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

That can only work if they reduce might by a percentage, not by each hero and even then I don't think many people are giving free wins.  Everyone at the top mino-bombs so its honestly easy to 3 flame any base these days which means there isn't much point in giving free wins anyway.

Posted on 9/14/17 11:14:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It's not fair to let someone who easy free wins and get high score,  I 'm not sure you did the same thing in US version.
But for suggest one,  it should make sense if player took here off from base, The score will also decrease.

Posted on 9/15/17 10:26:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello IGG,  please help to response this question to engineer, it's right thing and worth to do it.