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[Suggestion] Halloween hero suggestion: Arachne!

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Posted on 9/16/17 12:12:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear IGG,

I've been looking at all the heroes, and I mostly see 'mythical'/'fantasy' monsters. That brought me to an idea for a new hero, Arachne. 

It could be cool to put Arachne in the game at halloween.

I think Arachne will look cool if it would be a Demi-Human, or in other words: Spider legs and Spider Abdomen and a human torso, belly, arms, head etc.

*The colours I think would fit very well:
Black, as abdomen and legs, with the abdomen having something like a web on the abdomen in the colour red.
and just colours which fit for the human part.

*The stats I think would fit are:
HP - 60000-80000 
ATK - 3500-4500 
ATK SPD - 800-1200
SPD - 250-350 (Rather quickly, as athropods can move very quickly.)
ACC - 185
DODGE - 1500-3000
CRIT - 150-200
CRIT DMG - 7500

*I've also been thinking of a skill (1/10):
Arachne will shoot *(2) web(s) at random troops/heroes, slowing down all troops/heroes by *(25)% increasing their damage taken by 10% dealing *(125)% damage and removing 1 buff.

**And maybe even a poison which will deal 50% ATK every 0.5 - 1 sec for 3 seconds. 

*Arachne could also have a special second talent just like Lil' nick:
Climbing over walls. or spreading web in a radius of *(3) tiles off Arachne by crawling which will slow down troops by *(10)% and will do 10% atk every *(10) seconds.

The * is meant as a sign to indicate that it could go up with upgrading the skill, or IGG themselves can choose the number.

The numbers between () are meant to indicate what I think will fit/work.

Thank you for your time.

You're Sincerely,

P.S. I've made this post like a letter on purpose.

You are who you are, be yourself and ignore the haters.
Posted on 9/19/17 12:01:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Maybe make it look like Elise from league of legends? I'm down it could be awesome or maybe even a skill that is similar to gunslinger with the spiders running after people?