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[Suggestion] change internal giwaye rewad from wegamer

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Posted on 9/16/17 4:20:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there   i want give suggest for this best site.
60% of  people who play castle clash do not play with wegamer (i see for all my 400 friend  lower than than 100 use it).  if it possible the people who active in this will giving reward as they're active. and it is very very good to make lottery for who active in comment or post(pick 100   for ex.).   and remove we gamer. because all of the clasher excited to hear updates or nice post  and they can easily get in touch and find their favorite guilds in this awsome site. and some people get reward like this picture :)   this is just a suggestion. thanks all for read it <3

hi igg  i love you every there and every where