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[Suggestion] Redo Hero Cards (LHC, PHC and EHC)

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Posted on 9/19/17 8:08:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

With the continuous increase in heroes I think it is about time the cards got an update. Especially since it seems they all give PD or Cupid around 90% of the time. 

I think it would be better to make hero cards per "set" of heroes (so first season of 11 so not the dragon, next hero card version would have the next set of 11 heroes etc etc) for each year of heroes. It is rather silly if you for example buy a 99$ pack get an Event Hero card or prime hero and ... yep another PD or Cupid -_-. I get that some heroes should be hard to get but you can set rarity for each card anyways (so you won't see the newest set of 12 heroes in a card that is in a 9.99$ pack for example only in the 99.99$ pack) and you can also modify drop chances of each hero for that card (so even a 99.99$ pack that has the newest year card will not give tons of gunslingers for example). And even easier you can release a new hero card every time a new set of 11 heroes is "completed". So instead of EHC, PHC and LHC you would have Year 1, year 2 year 3 etc etc.

Posted on 9/19/17 8:16:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting idea indeed. They could add new content to them or remade them.

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Posted on 9/19/17 8:31:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I Agree....As there is a Need to revamp the card system....and it wll give the cards more relevance to the game.

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Posted on 9/19/17 4:44:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes I've been wanting this for some time now, same old heroes available, should be updated with newer ones

Posted on 10/16/17 5:24:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I payed 13000 merits often for LHC. They are still in my warehouse since I didn't need any shard heroes, PD or cupid anymore. I think it would be great if they would add some heroes and remove the weakest/oldest by the time.
Regardless of this, I kinda like your idea, just hoped the current LHC could remain its initial value