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[Suggestion] Maintenance compensation or in-game notice about maintenance

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Posted on 9/21/17 2:26:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


I wrote about it last time, when the unexpectable maintenance occured. And it concerns any maintenance. It's very thoughtful of IGG to give the players compensation in form of gems, but I think it is not enough. I don't mean the quantity of gems, but the fact, that it doesn't compensate anything at all.

Let's see:
3 hours maintenance is compensated by 600 gems. It is - 4 heroes (let's say they all will be legendary), 2 talent refresh or augment skill refresh, 4 traits refresh (assuming I want to refresh them all).
IGG Team, in their mercy, are refilling also Mesa and Gorge chances. And here is the point.
I don't know how about the others, but I like to store my chances untill there are 6-8 and then do the Mesa/Gorge once and for all. On the other hand I don't have time to visit forum each day (not to mention more often). Ergo - I am losing those chances (and rewards). I cannot buy them back by gems, so they are definitevely lost. So I am losing 2000 Merits, like at least 6000 skill exp or dungeon/HBM/Hero Trial chances or any other reward I could get.
I will not mention those few dungeon entrances nor any other game mode, I cannot get back by spending gems.

To be sure - I don't even care about compensation of everything, under one condition:

On more think to consider by IGG - I know you want us, players, to visit forum, because of statistics, maybe remarketing and other money-giving stuff you are getting not from us, but external companies - wouldn't be better if you'd "invite" us to forum, by implementing in-game info like: "There will be update on xx.xx.xxxx. For more info please visit our forum" and button linked to the forum?

Only for your consideration!


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@Possederunt, I'm sorry I have to totally disagree with you.  First whenever the servers are down members can not play, which means IGG has no chance of generating any revenues.  Essentially they loose money, none-the-less they offer some small compensation for the inconvenience that their consumers may feel.  They do not have to give anything, and that being the case anything received should be appreciated, instead trying to justify why you should receive more "Free" items.


Further the update was announced 4-1/2hrs prior both ingame and in forum.  Granted more advanced notice would be desired by some, however once the update is out on any server, news quickly hits ours and members are consistently inquirying when? when? when?.  Now while I understand why there would be such anticipation over the new content, it also encourages IGG to push the update out as quickly as possible.  Not to mention you really can't expect them to sit on their hands once they do have the go ahead with the update.

Now you did have a couple of very good suggestions in the linkage between ingame and forum as well as readily sharing as much information as possible, as soon as possible.  But it is in their best interest to update as quickly as they possible can.  For instance if the update did not occur today, it more than likely would not have hit until Monday morning at the earliest, and I am pretty sure if we took a poll the vast majority would have opted for today with limited notice, as opposed to Monday with a few days notice.


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Posted on 9/21/17 3:42:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think the op main point is we would like to receive earlier notice inside the game (in addition to the forum) of maintenance black out dates so we can plan to use up our mesa/lava, hbm chances, etc before the black out begins.
I know its only 3, 4 hours but that happens to fall exactly the time i usually play so essentially I have to skip the game altogether on maintenance days. It is especially frustrating for some of us.