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[Suggestion] Ability to equip 'Crest Set Packs'

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Posted on 9/25/17 11:59:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So like in the title.
With the amount of different crests, crest slots, crest levels, we should be able to make 'Crest Set' if we have 4 crests of the same level and type.

Example,you have 4 crests.
Lvl 1 Revite Crest 1, Lvl 1 Revite Crest 2, Lvl 1 Revite Crest 3, Lvl 1 Revite Crest 4 -> Revite Set Lvl 1

So instead of unequiping and equiping each crest individually, just take the whole set off.

This method would make it SO MUCH EASIER to manage crests on different heros, for different game modes. It does get really annoying having to change over 20 or so crests to do Lost Bafflefield. When change the crests for defence heroes. Then for dungeons.
'Oh lets try the new HBM, oh crap, crests... I'll do it tomorrow'

And I think it should work both ways, you have a Crest set, just open it for individual crests. Want to make a set? Just combine them together.

And before anyone comments 'You are just lazy' 'Just change them' 'Its not a big deal changing crests'.

Posted on 9/25/17 12:50:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

the should've made it 1 crest instead 4 at the start.. would save a lot of time, and space

Posted on 9/25/17 3:50:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like it. A new 'forge-like' capability where 4 crests could be forged into a single crest set (or whatever it would be called). Then either create a new crest slot that only accepted this new crest type, or allow the new crest set to be put into the any crest slot to auto-fill the rest.

Might actually make warehouse space worse in some cases (depends) but would sure simplify switching crests around.

Posted on 9/26/17 1:20:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think you might want to word it better so its a bit more understandable.

Nice idea though! :)

Posted on 9/26/17 7:05:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I will support this