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[Suggestion] Boss Time issues

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Posted on 10/7/17 3:49:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am quite frustrated by the lack of interest in fixing problems in the game.
My response from IGG's Customer Support staff was essentially that the problem outlined below has been looked over thoroughly and nothing is wrong with the game.

This is a ridiculous assertion.

Admit the bug; fix the bug; and, we can all enjoy the game.

As it stands, for quite a while now, my guild's Boss time rarely starts exactly at the in-game server time, and from what I've gathered from various comments by my guild-mates, Boss seems to start according to different players at a different time from what I see on my in-game server time and from one another's in-game server time.

One guild-mate will often write "boss soon-ish, lol" or something like this.

In other words, this is not something that I am experiencing alone, and the in-game time start of Boss is not the same for us players either.

I suspect the in-game time on my tablet is not synced with the server time, but I don't want to make assumptions here. Why? Because FF always starts exactly on time according to the in-game time.

All I can say with certainty is that the in-game time for Boss seems to differ from player to player and from event day to event day.

I hope you can resolve these issues with the Boss event.

This is especially important now that you have introduced GunSlinger as a hero. I can complete Boss #3 as fast as 49s (average is 52s), so having the Boss time start according to a consistent in-game time is very important to allow all players to participate.

For me, last night, Boss started "52s early." Another player reported it started "on time". So if I run just as Boss starts, some players may not even get a chance to run - at least according to the in-game time I am being presented with. But when should I start? I don't even know if I can trust the in-game time. As a Vice-leader of my guild, I want to planning when to start so as to allow weaker players more opportunities, but this vacillating in-game time start for Boss makes this difficult.

Posted on 10/7/17 3:55:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You could take gunslinger out of your boss group to help your guild.

Posted on 10/7/17 5:41:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Much too long winded and rambling, but essentially not really wrong.   Boss start time varies a little from general server time.  In my experience, it is about 30 seconds off.   If it causes an issue, change startup time a little.

It is hard to tell what causes it.  In another game, a similar mode is run by a separate server, whose clock is not fully synced with main server.  I kind of doubt CC does that, but I have no idea how the server is set up.   

The other thing that CC relies too much on is client.   It is possible that client clock is affecting that, although in a good design it should not.

I have no idea what OP said to support, but in any conversation to support it helps to be clear, concise, brief, accurate, to the point, and to have all relevant (as much as user can tell) information.  Those qualities were not really demonstrated here, so hard to tell if conversation with support was any better.

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Posted on 10/7/17 5:56:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@Goldishark, While the start time might be a fraction of a minute off, from what your guild leaders have set, it is certainly not a issue that would warrant such a rant.  Anyone who is in attendance to participate in the event certainly won't miss it.

If it is starting a few seconds early then simply notify your guildmates to be in attendance early until such time as it can by synced, after all we are talking about a few seconds, not minutes or hours.

You obviously are correct in your assertion that you and your guild are not the only ones to have noticed this slight variance, as evidenced by Fe203's comment.  However I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that this is the first rant we have received in forum regarding it.

If this nominal delay is such that it prevents you from fully enjoying the feature, I can only suggest that you continue to attempt to address the issue with Live Support as we here in forum can not assist in the resolution.  I can however move your thread to the "Bugs" section for the relevant staff to review.


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Posted on 10/16/17 5:11:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Would be great if all players could get at least 1 attempt anywhere during the day to score points and get some rewards. due to work and school I have almost no time that suits me daily

Posted on 10/16/17 6:33:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do your guild use autorun boss or does it set manually by your leaders?

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Posted on 10/16/17 6:37:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We have the same issue since several weeks ago.
Sometimes starts only 10 seconds before, other times I completely miss the Boss because starts 40 sec earlier.

It's frustrating, because you need to be like 2 min looking the Guild Hall to not miss it.

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Posted on 10/16/17 9:17:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If everyone can kill the boss in one run, just start the boss like 5 minurtes early (i.e. 11:55 server time) and everyone go at normal (12:00 server time) , this way that 1 minute difference is mainly gone.