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[Suggestion] Hero Altar - Mailbox / Warehouse - Feedback

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Posted on 12/29/18 8:48:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Today we are asking feedback on some specific issues:

I. Hero Altar: Specifically the consumption of Maxed Heroes
II. Mailbox/Warehouse Storage: Overflow/Loss issues.

I.  In the past we were most concerned with how to prevent accidential consumption of our heroes.  This was solved by simply applying a crest set, placing in garrison or attaching to a team.  However the new issue is: "How do we consume a maxed hero without having to contact Live Support for Assistance?"

II. Certain games modes and events will continue to send merchandise in excess of the Mailbox / Warehouse capacity.  In part this is not a bad scenario as long as you immediately go to the mailbox and claim all the items involved to the warehouse.  Accordingly you will have to go to the warehouse and manipulate the items to bring the number back into capacity limits. However if you log off the game before you are within the capacity limits, the game will automatically delete enough items to bring you back into the slot capacity.  Therefore the question is:  "How do we keep the flexibility of temporarily exceeding capacity limits, without the potential of loss merchandise?"

Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts and suggestions for potential solutions to these issues, as well as present any additional issues revolving around the Hero Altar, Mailboxes or Warehouse.


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Posted on 12/31/18 9:03:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I made a thread about this myself. I just came up with the simple feature to eliminate a hero completely, calling it 'Obliterate'. Since there are no pets or heroes to feed skill xp into, you obviously need no more so it would delete the hero with no payment or return. Should make it hard to access or confirm this in case of any accidents, such as another interface in the Hero Altar (would be put next to the 'Crests' interface).
As for the warehouse, much of the room is taking up by crests. The idea was floated around awhile ago to make a seperate room for crests (could be put next to the 'Insignia Bags' interface in the Warehouse). As for maxed items such as books, make the 'Obliterate' feature available for the Warehouse as well. If you are unable to sell them, you shouldnt need any more of the resource they provide from selling them, so again get no return from this Obliteration. Another option would be to make all items sell for Shards as there is no cap for them, but don't take away the previous sell price (many use books as their main source of HB). So have a seperate sell button for shards.

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Posted on 12/31/18 9:14:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

One solution for avoiding items not being claimable in the mailbox due to maximum capacity could be an update that allows the player to stack multiple 9,999 of the same item. In this way, the player can continue to collect items they may have purchased without loss of anything. Now that there is a great amount of warehouse space, there shouldn't be a problem with space in the warehouse.

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Posted on 12/31/18 9:48:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My personal thoughts on the issues are as follows:
I.  I think that a feature should be implemented to allow members to delete a maxed out hero without Live Support's involvement.  I also feel like all the resources or at least 50% should be credited to the account since it takes a lot of Gold / Mana / Books / Sweeping for experience / Blue Crystals / Red Crystals / Merits / Fame / Gems for Talent Rolls / Equipment/Enchantment.  Far too much to just disappear into the void.  

Another option is a method to transfer these resources to the new hero that we want to level making it necessary to consume a maxed hero.

II.  I like the idea of an temporary overflow allowance, perhaps 10 - 20 over max.  However I think there should be a longer or more structured timeframe to use/claim enough to bring the numbers back into complaince.  Maybe 48hrs.


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Posted on 1/1/19 2:49:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not being an end game player a full mail box will never be an issue for me but surely simply increase or remove the max number you can hold of an item would solve this. If you have this issue then you don't need crests so sell them and Wearhouse will never be full.
A simple sell hero in alter would solve the max out hero's issues I would disagree with FL and say you shouldn't get anything back. I'd love to sell my maxed out Vlad and use the resources for a new hero but again as a low spend player I'll never have this issues.

Posted on 1/1/19 6:29:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.a. I can support ZodiacSymbol idea about obliterating hero without any cost. Why ?? So decision about this would be well thought, since it is huge might drop. With this i bet many ppl would consume many heroes just to drop might if they will receive 50% of resources they put into this hero. I know that for P2P this is not problem, but for others they would have to think about it twice (and i would gladly get rid of some heroes if i would be able to receive 50% of resources from them). And to make some limitations in that, let's say one hero a week, not to abuse this option, as it should be treated strictly as emergency solution, not way to quickly drop might for example in GW to make opponents score less. 
1b. Would be increasing max Altar slots by 2 each update, not 1, since sometimes this is not enough. Might would be higher, but on other hand this would allow ppl to get more might and more heroes.

2.1.a Mailbox. Simple way to avoid problems is increase mailbox space by 20 or even 40, but allowing to temporary keep more than limited (for example if we have only 2 space there, and we received bundle with 4 items. Than it would be exceeded with 2 items which will have 2 or 3 days before they will vanish).
2.1.b. Another option for Mailbox would be option to manually delete selected item in mailbox, when we know we don't want it. Now we need to wait till they run out of time. Not good since there are items many ppl just don't want to receive (like weakest hammers)

2.2. Warehouse. Instead increasing max capacity make no sense since many ppl prefer to spend gems otherwise. Just make additional storage for hero cards, crests etc, and increase max storage of each item 10 times. Or give option to storage same item more than once after reaching it's max capacity. Simple and easy

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Posted on 1/1/19 9:32:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Happy New Year everyone

I think i have a good idea for fame and skill exp |||
Fane first

We have a limit 1m fame . Make it without limit same as shards and gems.

Essanse||| , make option that allow players to sell it will good price
One essanse||| (150k exp)= 7500 shards

Posted on 1/1/19 11:02:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I feel as if the bazaar is selling too many same items in one pack (like 1000 essence III and 1000 fame boxes and 1500 blessed tomes from 1 pack). I believe that is the reason why we all quickly stack up on materials. So, my proposal is that you should have a trade button, where you can trade one material for another. Maybe you can trade merits for shards, shards for fame, fame for crystals-or you can trade a bunch of fame, hb, and shards for a new hero (let's say boogeyman) or even soulstones of that hero. Or maybe you can trade them for a new decoration to put in your base.

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Posted on 1/1/19 6:48:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have experienced both of these issues in the past and do agree with the suggestion to delete a hero directly from alter without live support intervention. A delete button that is enabled once the hero is unlocked and not in any teams or garrison and without insignia should do the trick along with some standard return of items for the resources invested into the hero.

Regarding the second subject, I would suggest uncapping fame and hb much like shards are today. There is no limit for shards, which makes it possible to sell slimes so to collect more essence from mailbox. However, caps still do apply for fame and HB which make it impossible to open fame boxes or sell books in order to collect more items from mailbox if you are already capped.

To make matters more complicated, currently, there is a high propensity for Bazar packs to include fame boxes and blessed tome that some people simplycan't collect. Even the newer castle boxes V which include some of the newer stones are getting stuck in warehouse unable to open due to the blessed tome III that have a chance of coming up on those.

I would have to assume some players are already avoiding packs that sell fame/books are these cannot be collected.

Lastly, I think an increase to mailbox is also in desperate need.

With events like plant prizes that are designed to fire dozens of items into your mailbox I think the cap should move up from 40 to potentially 100, if not more.

Hope this helps.


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Posted on 1/2/19 10:28:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Following on from what Patroklaus mentioned, here are some of my thoughts on the problems associated with resource capacities.

The game is loaded with annoying inconsistences. When I am maxed out at 5,000,000 HB:

- I can raid another player and *waste* ~4 HB per victory.
- I can sweep Dungeons and *waste* 100+ HB per sweep.
- I can Challenge a Boss and *waste* up to 14,300 HB.
- I can complete an Expedition and *waste* 9,000 HB.
- I can enter Heroes Trial and *waste* up to 10,500 HB.
- I can fight in the Arena and *waste* 100+ per battle.
- I can claim Arena season rewards and *waste* up to 80,000 HB.
- I can claim Torch Battle rewards and *waste* up to 10,000 HB.
- I can claim Guild Wars rewards and *waste* up to 10,000 HB.
- I can claim various quest rewards in the quests board and *waste* several thousand HB.
- I can claim HB directly from the mailbox.
- I can open a Lucky Chest and *waste* 1,000 HB.


- I cannot use any items that reward HB such as Honor Badge Pack I.
- I cannot sell any items that reward HB such as Tome I or Talent Refresh Card (lol).
- I cannot claim HB rewards from a Quarry.

Where is the logic? The same thing happens with Gold, Mana and likely several other resources as well. And then there's the bizarre Salvage logic that adds another option into the mix - it *asks* the user whether they are fine with wasting the claimed resources if the capacity is reached.

It becomes quite tedious seeing "You can't sell this. You can't hold any more Mana." or "You can't hold any more Honor Badges!" - particularly when trying to make space in the Warehouse for claiming something else, which is generally the case. Why can we passively waste resources almost everywhere in the game but not when we explicitly try to use/sell an item?

Couple this with the fact that there is almost never any point in explicitly selling an item for its Gold or Mana value. Why do we get Mana for selling Karmic Rocks and Oath Tablets? Why do we get Gold for selling Background Coupons and Quest Refresh Cards? All these selling prices do is prevent players from selling anything when they are maxed out on those respective resources.

If my Gold is maxed out at 8,400,000 and I need to sell some Background Coupons (lol) to make space for another item in the warehouse, let me do it! My HB is maxed out at 5,000,000 and I need to sell some Mana Pack Is to make space! Can't claim those Quest rewards because you have 9,999 Tome III and maxed HB? That's just too bad. "Git gud & lrn 2 not hoard nub."

Solution: Allow items to be claimed/used/sold even if the returned value exceeds storage limits. And for extra good measure, increase or uncap the current resource limits.