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[Suggestion] Please for the love of God. Fix team dungeons

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Posted on 5/31/19 11:10:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Something needs to be done with team dungeons, I would recommend a minimum team score be added so if you do not have a strong enough team (or close enough even) you can not join the more challenging team dungeons(I'd recommend even 13000 for LI4). I am so sick of players without the nessasary requirements joining team dungeon and ruining the whole match for everyone in it. this is getting out of hand and something needs to change.
For example I was trying to join a team dungeon today and was repeatedly matched with a player with a 1400 team score (yes 1400 not 14000, their highest lvl hero was a dryad) of course I backed out repeatedly but continued to get matched with them. I'm not gonna waist a try losing because of them so eventually I just quit, planning to come back later. I have no problem playing with players who arnt nessasarily as experienced or don't have as high as a team score as me. But there's a fine line that I know they'll just tank the round, and not only waist my time, but a attemp as well.
Speaking with lava isle 3 and 4 in mind (but this does apply to almost all team dungeons and team hbm)
I doubt igg with ever fix this but I had to suggest this cuz it is getting down right irritating.

Posted on 5/31/19 11:31:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, I think you need to understand that random is just that.  If you run the open features then that is the chance you take.  Now I get that it can be very disorganized and that there are people joining who have no clue, but that is why people who do understand and don't wont to deal with these issues run with guildmates or established groups.


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Posted on 6/1/19 2:28:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

random lava 4 is impossible to farm, i got 1 victory out of 20 maybe and that was lucky, about might req 12 k would be fair but even then he can go full tanky and you fail so easily

Posted on 6/1/19 5:30:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see FirstLady pointing towards guild mates and established groups to successfully run lava4 with and I agree this is de safest way to succeed for sure. 

However, given the difficulty of lava 4, a team with a lower team score of +/- 12k participating has a very very low chance of victory. Though these teams are easily allowed in the random matching, making random matching a futile way of farming lava 4. 
As of the new "first win" insignia rewards displayed, newer players are even more tempted to give lava 4 a try and keep trying just to get that prize. It is this repetitive behavior that is responsible for the bad random matching. 

I see no reason why IGG should not change the requirement to a higher threshold based on team score as this is only beneficial to the players:
-Players capable of beating lava 4 have a serious chance to farm it randomly.
-Players incapable of beating lava 4 have an actual goal to thrive to instead of a tempting shiny object within sight, just out of their reach.

But that's just my opinion on the matter ;)

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Posted on 6/1/19 5:44:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Likes firstlady said, running with lava group & guildmates are the best way to farm lava4 and summit.
Even they added minimum score to 13k, it still hard to get success on random lava4, coz people there will just bring their cool heroes rather than the required heroes. And u dont want to tap every team in 10sec.

Posted on 6/2/19 9:42:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree 100%, if you leave they should not match with the same teams over and over, and for those who suggest using guild mates, dont you think if there were enough guild mates to do it we would? His post clearly means that there isn't enough strong guild mates or they aren't on when he is. Just like me.

Posted on 6/2/19 12:31:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree 100% with YoungHKilla. Not everyone has guildies to run with. Rusty wont let me join his team. Why is that Rusty?

Posted on 6/3/19 3:00:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Like i wrote here it is not that simple.
Increasing might would be good solution not allowing newbies to mess with more difficult modes, but on other hand this would require them to gain resources slowly (while their guildmates who are hitting L3 could help them to get it faster) which would make their progress slower.
I understand they should not mess with Lava 3-4, if not allowed, and best option would be for each layer to decide if they want to see all teams, or only those above 12k for example (in settings ofc). But someway i don't think IGG will have priority over this so we need to find different solution.

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Posted on 7/5/19 8:36:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

most of random lava 4 team; no healer, no tree, sk, no dps heroes just to show off their heroes/heroes score dafuk

Posted on 7/5/19 11:30:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

While I understand your issue; again random rooms are just that, even if the requirements are raised it does not guarantee a reasonable level of success.  The members can just raise teams enough to meet it, but this does not guarantee that the teams will be comprised of the right heroes and or builds.  If you don't have a guild that offers you the ability to run with guildmates there are many well established groups.  In this environment they post the setups and are able to discuss suitable alternatives to ensure a high success rates.  

The random rooms may afford you the advantage of running when it is convenient for you but that convenience comes with a lot of pitfalls.  However it does also affords you the ability to run with members from your friends list.  Believing that you can get together with 3 other random teams that have had no discussion whatsoever prior to the runs, for a gamemode with relatively specific requirements, with the limited time available to check the other teams  and still have a high success rate is as unrealistic as it gets.  IGG can raise the might requirement, but you should also lower your expectations for random L4 or IS being a reliable method.


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