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[Suggestion] Regarding lost battle field

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Posted on 7/11/19 12:08:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My Lavanica kills 2+ heroes all the time.  Not to mention you don't lose the entire LBF match for losing one round.  If you can't take down the lava team make a team of weak heroes to face them and stack your other 2 squads.

Posted on 7/12/19 2:23:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The number of people who replied to this post with "but that's not the rules of LBF"!!

The whole point of this post is to PROPOSE a change to the rules.

If people don't like the proposals then stating what they don't like about it would be preferable than just snarking that rules is rules.

I think something needs to be done, since the game now has so many "unkillable" builds for so many heroes that the rules need to be more flexible in PVP.

I like the idea of whoever has most heroes left wins the round, in LBF but also in arena and labyrinth. Especially since for LBF and labyrinth the player you fight doesn't get any benefit from you failing to beat them.