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[Suggestion] quick set talent crest and pets

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Posted on 7/16/19 2:03:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I love the game.  I have been playing since atlanticore was the new hero. all of the new game modes have kept me interested all these years. However now with so many game modes it can be a little trying to get everything set to optimize teams for each game mode.  constantly setting and changing talents, crest and pets to get the best chances for a win, and remembering which heroes you are setting gets difficult.
     This suggestion would be for team dungeons, team here be monsters, arena, lost battlefield, forgotten trial, challenge a warden, lost realm, labyrinth, arid ruins, guild challenge a boss, and castle crisis, ember army, and archdemon. Hope i didn't forget any. :)
     It would be great if when setting up teams for these events you could have a pop up window when you select a hero to place, that allows you to select which talent to use (if the hero has its alternate skin), change a crest and designate a pet.  When you select a hero the pop up window would appear to set these things, save the selection, then allow you to place the hero where you want it.  
     Just the idea of a quick set would be great, but it would be even better if you could have all the different game modes save these choices for each game mode.  It would allow us to optimize our teams for each game mode without having to change it before entering every mode, and If you need to make adjustments its right there for you.  You could have a scatter team set for team here be monsters, and a heavy hitting team for arena, without having to change everything every time.  of coarse this would still adhere to the rules that you can only have 1 pet per hero in any event, but would have a saved team with different pets in different game modes.  You could also add a tab in the hero alter on the individual hero page, that lists every game mode and what talent, crest, and pet is set for each mode.
     For game modes that go directly from the base, like defense, guild wars, dungeons, raids, hero trials and here be monsters would still be controlled and adjusted with the existing format from the hero alter and pet plaza
     I realize this could be a big change, but it would make the game play much faster and easier as you continue to add more game modes.  And at the end of the day,  in any game mode its about having the right heroes with the right talents crests and pets.
thanks in advance for considering this change

Posted on 7/16/19 2:10:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is a long standing suggestion which has been made multiple times over the years:
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