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[Suggestion] Legacy Battle Mode

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Cichociemiak suggested a mode where only Shardable Legends could be used, in another thread, and it sparked an idea for a mode where only Shardables (not just Legends, but any Shard Hero) can be used. I liked the idea enough to try to refine it and give it its own thread.

I called this possible new mode "Legacy Battle" since they're essentially Legacy Heroes at this point. Most of them don't see much use outside of being used for amusement or the rare special cases, where they can occasionally be useful.

This is going to be sort of longish (that's prety much normal for me), but I'm trying to make the suggestion as fair, balanced, and most importantly as fun as possible. It's essentially a rules/explanation all in one.

Help in refining, fixing anything I missed or messed up, or anything else you think the idea needs/should have is very much welcomed!

Legacy Battle
To start off, Legacy Battle, as I've outlined it here, would be comprised of a mix of elements from several other modes.

1. First and foremost, you can only use Shardable Heroes in this mode. If you can't buy the Hero with Shards, you can't use that Hero in Legacy Battle.

2. Registration is required to participate. Registration is a one day period the day before each Legacy Battle begins.

Each Legacy Battle lasts for three days, is run twice a week, and is not run on Sunday (GW and FF are enough on those days). If you fail to register in a Legacy Battle, you will not be able to participate in that Legacy Battle.

Registration is on Sunday and Wednesday. Yes, this means that there is one day where you will be battling in one Legacy Battle while registering for the next.

3. Like Lost Battlefield, you must create three teams, and each team can only be comprised of one Legend, one Elite, and one Ordinary Hero. Unlike Lost Battlefield, you are not allowed to change your teams once registered.

IE one purple, one blue, and one green hero makes up one team, you need three teams. Each Hero can only be used in one team at a time, and once the teams are registered you can't reorder or change them in any way.

Registration locks your team at that point in time that they were registered, for only this mode. Meaning you can beef up your Heroes all you want after you register, but it will not affect them for the current Legacy Battle. This is to prevent people trying to game the system for easier matches, which they will do without something like this to stop it.

IE if a Hero was level 20 with level 5 Revitalize when you registered, then you pushed it up to level 180 and 9 Revitalize... as far as Legacy Battle is concerned it's still a level 20 with level 5 Revitalize.

4. It uses the same maps as Squad Showdown, one of which is randomly chosen before each round.

It will use your own Heroes, though. No IGG provided Ringers allowed, no ATK boosters to stack the deck... nothing. It's a straight up team versus team match, where you stack your build against the opponent's, with the maps/layouts to provide some variability and strategy into the mix.

5. Each day of Legacy Battle consists of three rounds. Each round consists of three fights, or matches, against a single opponent. You will know what Heroes your opponent is using in advance, but that is your only advantage.

You can place your Heroes from your team on any spot on whatever map your battle is to happen on, while the opponent team's spots will be randomly chosen afterward.

Defensive setups would be nice, but it would require setting up a layout for each of your teams for every possible map. That's just not really a workable plan, IMO.

6. Each Legacy Battle is run as a three day tournament, with each division lasting for a full twenty-four hour period like Guild Wars.

Each Legacy Battle bracket consists of sixty four competitors (balanced based on the combined might of the players' three registered teams), with each division consisting of a four person free-for-all.

All players start in the Bronze League and advance, maintain position, or fall based on performance.

The top player from each division moves up to the next League at the end of that day. The middle two remain in their current League, while the bottom player gets bumped down one League.

Players who fall below Bronze League to the Tin League are eliminated from the tournament.

7. There are five Leagues: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Tin.

Platinum is the overall winner, and Tin is for those who are eliminated. Gold, Silver, and Bronze are the active Leagues.

Prizes at the end of each Legacy Battle are based on the League in which you finished.

So if you take top place the first day, you will become Silver League in day two. If you take first spot the second day you become Gold in day three. If you take first spot on the third day you finish in Platinum for the top prize for your bracket.

8. Points are awarded on based on two factors: who wins each match and how quickly they win.

A win of a single match is worth 50 points, which are adjusted based on the remaining time on the clock. The maximum points per round is 150 points (up to 50 points per match).

Each match has a time limit of one minute. Any win under 10 seconds guarantees full points for that match. After that, scoring is based on one point per second remaining on the clock at the end of the match.

For instance, a match that lasts 35 seconds will award 25 points for the 25 seconds remaining in that match. On the other hand, a match that lasts 10 seconds or less will receive the full 50 points.

9. In the event of a tie at the end of a day, the two players who tied are put into a Sudden Death round with the matches run randomly by the system. The winner gains a single point from this Sudden Death round.

This process is repeated as necessary until a clear winner is found.

It was suggested I add this to the idea, for clarification, so here it is. While this would not allow for a direct P2W scenario to provide direct profits, since the entire point of this is to provide a fair competition where P2W has far less of an effect than in most modes, it would still allow for IGG to profit indirectly by people purchasing in order to beef up Heroes for use in this mode.

Hopefully that was clear. If anything isn't, please let me know and I'll see if I can straighten it out.

I also added a poll because... well... I wanted to. Not sure I did that right, though.

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3. I'm not sure...

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
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I like it and have suggested other things similar.  sounds good to me and you put a lot if time fleshing the idea out.  thanks

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Sounds ok
I'd say how does igg make money from the mode as the development needs paying for so added that in now help keep it how you wont it to work

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Seems like a possibly fun game mode, but surely it'll end up being dominated by p2pWhales.

They have all the resources to create several combinations of Legacy Heroes whilst moderate or f2p clashers may not enjoy that luxury (especially since their concern would mostly be on their main Heroes).

Well written article though. :)
Thanks for taking the time out to share it. ;)

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I would like to add something to that that might make your suggestion better. Since there are 64 players in a tier, those should be chosen from a division, based on might, like FF, except including individuals with shardable heroes as you stated.

I am F2P. Don't judge me
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That saved me time of thinking how it should look like. Thanks for idea.

But i do have some comments on that:
2. It is good idea although it would have to be either 2x2 day long, or once per week for 3-4 days not to make it lasting along with other important modes, and registering same day when last day of event it don't look too good for me.
3. I was thinking more about 2-3 legends in one team, but maybe seasons will be with different amount of heroes like i wrote.
5. Locking heroes for easier matchups is good idea, We don't want to alter it by anyone. But either we are locking heroes with no other option to change them, or matchups are random to all.
Using of our own heroes is good idea, although something tells me IGG would add some way to use gems here to increase chances of winning,
8. I would simplify points to winning, not to time of winning, Maybe additional bonus for fast winning, nothing else.
9. Maybe add 4th team, which would be used in sudden death match, not random one, and after that who have more heroes left on battlefield will be winner (if there is a draw there i would count % of HP as deciding element)

Overall idea is good imo, yet i am still waiting for some Tower Def mode where we could plce heroes on path in order to defend TH from enemies.

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I really like the idea to blow some old heroes back alive.

How about different challenges every day or every season? Like lost battlefield like you explained? Other day its's like a hbm (point system like in ember army), next time maybe like dungeons (points for the highest dungeon you can clear with that team + the faster the more points), team dungeons, team hbm, raids etc to make it more diverse.

And how about different oldness of heroes. Like sometimes heroes up to when clad came out (very old), sometimes up to when Santa came out, up to when ghoulem came out etc. If you don't have a hero, you can't use him (which makes it different from squad showdown, only use your own heroes)

I really liked HBM myself when santa and vlad were OP. Also when GS came out she was awesome. Would be nice to make them usefull again

Last note: without registration would probably save some stress

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Partially bumping this idea, partially adding an entire new mode using the Legacy Battle concept.

So this would essentially be an active arena. Similar to Arid Ruins, where players are actively on at the same time and actively playing with/against each other.

To join you buy a Legacy Kit for the current "season". For 300 gems you "buy in", which lets you participate and gives you a Legacy Kit.

The Legacy Kit includes nine Shardable Heroes. Three Legends, Three Elites, and Three Ordinaries, none of which are the same (no repeat Heroes).

It also includes nine random level five talents and nine random level 5 crests, which you can distribute to your Heroes as you see fit.

Yes, luck is going to play a large-ish part in this mode. No, P2W is not. You get one Legacy Kit and that's it.

Heroes from the Legacy Kit do not appear in your normal Altar and can only be used in the Legacy Arena. At the end of the season, they will all be retired. In other words, you're not getting Heroes you can keep.

You must complete the entire season with those nine Heroes, nine talents, and nine crests, forming three teams of three Heroes each. Each team must consist of one Legend, one Elite, and one Ordinary Hero.

Yes, I am trying to force the use of Blues and Greens, because they need to be useful beyond just Garrisons!

This would be an active PvP system, using only people who are actually online at that time. Each battle would consist of four players who each start on one "side" of the map, in which they have a limited section to drop their teams.

Battles are chosen at random. You join, three others are found, and the match begins.

You have twenty seconds look over your opponents teams (only showing who is in each team, not what talents/crests they have) and try to come up with a strategy. Then the match starts.

From there you have three minutes to win, and all teams must be dropped in the first minute. Any teams not dropped in the first minute are considered an automatic loss.

Whoever is standing at the end wins. If more than one person is still standing after three minutes, it goes into sudden death. This means the map starts shrinking, and as it does anyone who ends up outside the boundary dies. This continues until only one person remains.

If by chance sudden death results in everyone losing, everyone receives a refund for the match.

Each match costs a number of shards to compete. The number of shards depends on which bracket the person chooses to play in.

There are four brackets. Ordinary, Elite, Legendary, and Epic.

Ordinary costs 100 shards per battle. Elite costs 500. Legendary costs 1,000. Epic costs 10,000.

The winner doubles their entry fee. Second place gets theirs back. Third place gets half back. Fourth place gets nothing.

The seasons are based on total shards accumulated through this mode. The more shards you get, the higher your ranking.

The final rewards are based on the bracket you chose to compete in. The higher the bracket, the bigger the rewards... but the more it could cost you, if you lose.

Rewards change every season.

One month first place could be a level 9 revitalize insignia, second level 7, third level five, then breaking down into fame or gems or random other rewards. The next month it could be a Devo Lavanica for 1st, an Evo Lavanica for 2nd, a regular for 3rd, and talent crests or insignia packs and so on.

These aren't suggested rewards by the way. They're just examples to demonstrate how it would change each season. Each season would last either two weeks or a month.

Would this favor people who play a lot? Yeah. Nothing wrong with that.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
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In my opinion, as long as igg wont provide decent rewards for whatever the gamemodes they are introducing , it will be a failure.

For instance:
Torch battle
Boss Battles
all these game modes are already dead now majorly because of the rewards offered are super bad or worst.

I mean for example if we take torch battles, who would waste there time just to get 800shards. 800 shards + hbs are nice rewards when igg was introducing it. But not anymore.

I wonder why igg is not upgrading their rewards in these old game modes. Im sure if they add more interesting rewards to these exixting game modes, people will find it interesting to play.