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[Suggestion] Revise Quest Board & Blitz Guantlet Tasks.

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Posted on 9/21/19 3:14:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There has been some discussion in Fe203's thread [Chat (Android)] New quests regarding some of the new tasks for the Quest Board and Blitz Guantlet that members feel are unfair, for instance:

Blitz Guantlet:
Hire a hero with Gems - Not everyone has 150 gems to use to complete a task.
Spin Friendly Wheel Once - Not everyone has enough friends to complete this task.

Quest Board:
Hatch A Egg;  You have to have gems to complete this task.
Get A predetermined Warden's Help:  This requires us to restructure our teams to complete this task, a most members have preset teams to avoid having to change for the various game modes - This is very inconvenient.
Deploy a hero with alternate skin:  Unfair since many members have no skins, so it would be impossible to complete.
Deploy A Hero with Level 5 Insignia: Again a lot of members do not have level 5 Insignias - this facilitates a member using much coveted gems to complete the tasks or be penalized for hours until the board resets.

Generally I try to allow all platforms to be updated before posting Feedback threads or suggestions relating to resent updates, but it is apparent that this is an issue which should be quickly addressed.    I think everyone enjoys having new tasks added but more thought needs to be utilized to come up with tasks which are fair to all the members.  It is not fair to


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