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[Suggestion] A suggestion to IGG to keep this game alive

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Posted on 10/12/19 12:18:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Stop with the monthly updates. We don't need more half-baked hero ideas shoved into the game, or another "exciting" enchantment that is just a higher stat increase than a enchantment already in the game. We don't need another pet. The monthly update is madness. Focus your creative energy towards meaningful game rewards.  I promise you that the spenders will continue to spend money even if you can actually give one of your 1000 heroes a level 10 talent after a week of grinding. Or if they could bring just one hero to bt 30 in a reasonable amount of time.

Make Guild Wars interesting again. Give some kind of unique must have reward to the top guild in each division. I promise you people would drop some cash on GW days to boost some might to get a reward that you needed but couldn't buy. Imagine that! An actual reason to play, sounds fun. While you're at it make bases much harder to kill so that it's not autopilot victories for top guilds.  Make getting all 15 flames kind of rare, something worthy of bragging about. Do this with increased building hp, maybe a repair ability to those 5 workers that have otherwise retired. Add a new tower that can detect stealth to end mino bombs and zeph lameness. 

Maybe add a weekly or bi weekly world boss that the whole server would need to work together to bring down that had awesome rewards that couldn't be bought in bazaar. People will still spend money to get the items necessary to have heroes capable of defeating the world boss. 

I literally just brainstormed for 5 minutes and have come up with several ideas 1000x's better than your monthly trash hero and enchant update formula.  Your game is dying.

Posted on 10/12/19 12:58:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

While I agree that they don't need new heroes each month, this is how they pay the bills.

I don't care about any Guild activities, because I am part of a guild that is too small to participate. My choice and I know I can fix that. You want to fix guild wars? let all guilds play!

Finally,I disagree that the game is dead or dying.

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Posted on 10/12/19 3:04:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm sorry that you feel the game is dying, and while I agree that the monthly update with a new hero release is a bit overkill, it is the same format they have implemented for the last 6+yrs, so it's really nothing new at this point.

Finally you brainstormed for 5 minutes and came up with several (and forgive me) incomplete...halfbaked ideas.  Let's take competing for "awesome rewards that couldn't be bought in bazaar."....I think it is pretty obvious that under the current format this would never happen, not to mention this concept would severely limit access to "the items necessary to have heroes capable of defeating the world boss".   When you take into consideration that not all guilds are able to compete in GuildWars and that it is pretty much dominated by the upper rankings of each tier you have now contributed to creating a even more severe imbalance in the game it's self.

Now I could delve deeper into your "suggestion to IGG to keep this game alive" for more flaws, but my intent is truly not to tear it down or discourage you from giving thought towards what could actually improve the game, but rather to correct your belief that you were able to conceive even one cohesive idea in 5 minutes of brainstorming let alone several, what one group would find acceptable others will not, this is a vehicle designed to entertain members at a variety of levels.  If it were actually that easy it would have been accomplished a long time ago.:angel:


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Posted on 10/13/19 2:11:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Apparently most of what I wrote got cut off, as I didn't know there was a limit. I guess I'll summarize it because I don't feel like typing it all out again.  

Currently there is literally no reason to play a single game mode. No exaggeration, no hyperbole, there is nothing to earn other than seeing your name on the leaderboard, which loses it's luster after dropping serious cash a few times and achieving top 10 spot a few times. Top players are quitting daily. Lot's of people running multiple accounts because the person who made the account is gone. Some are consuming their accounts on their way out, but lots of top players are leaving. 

So since the f2p players are not able to compete with spending accounts currently, giving the players who pay all of igg's salaries a fun reason to play, as in a unique reward that can't be bought but must be won, is exactly what the game needs. And let me reiterate the very basic concept you struggled with. F2p loses to P2P as is. If item you cannot purchase is added to game f2p losses to p2p. No shift in balance. Just something to play for.

Posted on 10/15/19 11:38:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

While I could say tons of things I wont. Everyone plays for different reasons I say all of us enjoy this game for different reasons so let's keep playing and enjoying the game and help others where we can

Posted on 10/16/19 6:37:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just improve the rewards in all game modes are we are set

Posted on 10/16/19 8:22:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You know what came to my mind reading this thread again? Poker.

The game of poker has not really changed in a VERY long time. There are a few variations of the game but in the end it is a card game. No new modes get added and the cards don't vary. There's no new uber card that gets you a special power to win the pot faster/easier.

And yet people still play the game.

Back to CC. If they stopped adding new heroes, I would still play. I have maxed out my buildings, and I still play. They add the odd thing that gives us all free stuff and I still play. They make me pay for stuff to make my progress faster but I still play for free.

One person's "dying game" is another person's recreation.

I recently finished playing a hidden object game as I completed the game twice and beat all the achievements. There was no reason for me to play again. And yet, I know some other people that are one their fifth play through the game!

Why? They continue to enjoy the game as-is and I am bored with it after 2 years of playing. Do I whine and moan about it? No, I just quit and they continue to play.

Moving on ...

2Crazy4U, 2Crazy, 2C, Bob ... it is all the same. I am F2P and proud of it.
Always looking for new members in my laid-back guild: 2Crazy4U