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[Suggestion] Fixing the warehouse dellemma helps us and helps igg

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Posted on 10/18/19 8:35:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm gonna do my best to not sound bitter over my recent skins loss due to warehouse cap issues and space to store my items that ive spent an extreme amount of money but bear with me for a minute. I took some time to take a deep breath and put some thought into this and here's what I got. I only started playing maybe 15 months ago but in that time I've spent upwards of 2000 dollars on packs to purchase all the new heroes being released and the corresponding skins which when they are first released are quite expensive. Right now igg is using to 160 hotshot skin scraps to add the value of a 50 dolar pack. So obviously igg believes they are worth our hard earned money and we agree because were buying them at a pretty penny. That bieng said my warehouse is maxed out and I can't make it bigger but I cant fit everything in it withput constantly using items and even combining crest and selling sone items for the trade prices that igg has set foe them. Which bye the way everyone knows and will agree is unfair to the players and only benefits the game makers. So I had all these extra skins for the new sale heroes for the last year just taking up space so I sold them for hero shards. It never once even crossed my mind that they might up the levels since they are releasing multiple skins for one hero. When second skins came out I figured its over with one and on to the next one. So if these skins and various other itwms that we the players and igg both agree are worth alot of money why can't we get a fair trade for them. I personally think its so we keep spending more money but thats just an opinion. So all I got for my skins that I was mislead (again my opinion)into believe were ok to trade off to make extra space cause they are sitting for months and months with no use. Was a hand full of Heroe shards. I got 7 million shards btw from trading off items to make space for stuff I actually need in my heres my suggestions. Either remove the cap off the ware house so we can make more space as we see fit. Or fix the trade rate to make these items worth trading for something we need. Anyone who pays that much money shouldnt find it to be a struggle to have a place to keep their stuff.  Or find a way to sell us other items for hero shards to make them relevant again. Like a hero shards bazaar. Even if its a high rate of conversion at least its something.if they can sell us skins at a high price we ahoukd be able to convert them I to something usefull. And yes a begginer player can buy begginer heroes with all those shards. But were talking aplles and oranges here lets be honest. Removing the cap benefits us both we no longer have an issue keeping our prized possesions and it keeps us from having these issues and being upset over sonething that is a super easy fix. But if thats not accapyable a way for us to convert the shards into something other than begginer heroes is just as easy of a fix even if it at an super inflated rate. I would gladly trade say 5 million of my shards for one of these new fancy heroes your gonna make a few hundred dollars off of in the bazaar. And it took me a year to get that many shards. Just an idea!  I think that makes it fair cause begginers can't afford that many shards unless they pay as much as some of us did to buy thousands of dollars worth of items trade at a low rate to get that many. Forget the hero part even id be happy to buy trait cards or. Expert dungeon cards or. Pretty much anything with them. The begginers Will still save thier shards to evolve thier heroes with but us super coiners can finally spend our shards again. All that said I love this game. And I love the direction its going I just think it needs to fix this problem more than it needs to launch a new update to get us too keep lining the pockets off igg.  I dont believe I was mislead intentionally To think my extra skins were worthless  but I was mislead.  But it was my choice to keep or sell the skins. But itys iggs choice to keep a cap on the warehouse which caused this issue and many issues for us everytime we buy a pack cause we have no room to collect our items out the mail when we participate in events. So im not mad I just would like to see a solution to thw problem. Im really suprised if you even read this far but I had to fully explain myself so readers can understand im not just complaining I just dont want to see it keep happening to others. Cause I've been been selling my building scraps for space too and I think they will now raise the building scrap levels and im gonna get double tapped by the involuntary ware house cap trickery.

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I read it all.
Looks like you typed it all in a hurry (several typos), but its readable.

Sorry about your skin scraps. I too nearly sold mine off a few weeks ago but decided against it on a whim.

You'll obviously get a lot more skins now chasing after Bloody Mary, so all's well...that ends. Lol.

As for the W/H space cap. It really doesnt make sense to me to only have the caps in incrementals of 10. Why not 50 per update IGG?

Anyway, I think they've listened this time to the cc comm, and made good changes toward a better cc. Looking forward to more like minded progressive features :)

Happy clashing ;)

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