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[Suggestion] Make worthy in-game purchases

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Posted on 10/25/19 12:13:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, I'm Patrik. I spent lot of moneys on Castle Clash and I ever wondered if I was making effective purchases. Willing to know more about, I started long ago a project for a program that automatically calculates the effective value of every in-game item purchasable.

Just recently, I upgraded it to be more easy to update with the new offers (only takes me about 5 minutes, before it took about 30 minutes).

The database of items is recent and it will become wider and more accurate with time. If you'd like to support me or ask anything about it, you can come in the telegram chat at the following link:
[content removed by FirstLady]

Here you can ask me the value of differents item in any possible way, for example:
- Which is the most worthy item in events like "Shopping Spree".
- If a "bonus items" offer is actually worth the cost
- The effective value of a normal value pack 
- And other.....

P.S. Values are calculated on offers from the Android English server

Thanks for reading

Posted on 10/25/19 2:18:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First you can not advertise your personal app on forum even though it is related to the game.  Also since worth varies from person to person and is highly affected by not only their might, but the personal objectives that one sets at any given time, I am having a hard time gauging how effective this app could be if such limits and goals are not factored into determining worth.

However in terms of being able to advertise this app on IGG's vehicle, I can only suggest that you speak with Live Support to obtain the required permission.


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