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[Suggestion] Line of Defense

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Posted on 12/22/19 7:47:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know this gamemode is fairly new ,but it has some "problems/challenges" waiting to be addressed.

For example
1: Hero Drop is limited to 6, even tho we are required to select 10 ?! and due to the speed of monsters, and small hero bases ,you dont even have time to replace a dead hero....
(solution)- Allow us to place 8 heroes and leave 2 heroes as a backup, it seems reasonable due to ever increasing difficulty and number of monsters

2: Small hero bases , i'm not sure if my fingers are fat or my screen doesn't reg... but it's becoming frustrating
to place heroes on bases due to spawn time limit....
(solution)-Let us build a solid defence ,or prepare for incoming wave by extending time limit... Or put a "ready" button.

3.Rewards could be increased to motivate players ... because right now without these "fixes" rewards dont justify the time and energy we put in...

And a small reminder to all who read this "suggestion"
if your reply is "if you dont like it dont play" then dont bother commenting in the first place.

Posted on 12/22/19 9:51:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wait, a hero can die there ?? Really ???  :O It didn't happened for me as for now. But i twll have to check it. Maybe i didn't noticed.

1. But indeed more heroes would be good, but then IGG could make if more difficult. One way or another more is usually better..... in games....
2. Also i can agree that it is difficult to hit base with current size but you can zoom in and it will be easier.
3. Rewards are not bad i must say, If you are able to get all SS amount is nice, not great, but it is possible to get new hero before season will end. 
4. What i don'f like is that when we are placing first hero, game stops counter, and enemy heroes are set free, which means we need to hurry with placing of heroes. So simple rule: first think, act later is good here.

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Posted on 12/22/19 1:06:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have to say that it is a new game mode and IGG generally does ask for feedback during or immediately after the 1st season.  I think you have raised some very valid points, it is virtually impossible to replace a dead hero and the heroes do spawn too fast for proper placement of your heroes.  

Finally I have to agree also with the rewards being rather low for the effort.  They actually are better with the soulstones then previous modes, but you will need to complete all 3 levels everyday during the season to obtain the hero as they will probably replace the hero with something else the next season and you will be left with another incomplete hero.  On the other hand the other item is required to level in the might rewards and given that the requirement is so high, what can be obtained from the game mode is subpar in meeting the demand.


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Posted on 12/22/19 2:29:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

 While indeed monsters dont attack you directly , some "heroes/monsters" have built in reflect ,and my storm eater got a taste of that first hand

1.-True,they can up the difficulty @ any time.
2.-Yes you can zoom, and by the time you place 2 heroes the monsters with speed are already half way to the end...(fixing that would be desirable)
3.- I assume rewards will stay the same for a long time like in "Lost Land" and when you no longer need SS and Title Talent Badge ,the gamemode becomes another "Arid Ruins" that few ppl play....
( upgrading the rewards to add smth we need every day like igniting stones would motivate players to engage in said gamemode)
For example: Lost Realm has blue crystal mines and most ppl play it cuz they need blue cristals for pretty much everything
4.The thing you dont like can be "upgraded/changed" by IGG and it would sound more like
Think first ,act later + you have time to do so (after the change ofc)

Posted on 12/22/19 2:37:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't understand how you can have 6 heroes and can't complete it, I found a way to only use two heroes and stay at full health, you get pd with an regenerate talent then an empower insignia, then you place him near the spawn as much as possible, I will be talking about stage three with the speed demons arch demon, then you place gunslinger in the middle where the two lanes meet, gunslinger needs sunder and then Unholy pact/zealous drive and your good to go, two heroes is all it takes, I'm sure zeph could solo with maximum damage, someone test this out for me and tell me if it works.

Posted on 12/24/19 11:16:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Laxulix and ripper seem to be most important in beating stage3, place laz in center with slowdown and empower insignia, i put michael and walla both with slowdown and empower next to laz i put lavinca in closest spawn spot and ripper in other spawn spot, i put hotshot with slowdown next to exit, didnt need hotshot tho because they rarely make it past walla michael and laz.

Posted on 12/31/19 2:07:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I hope they make this event a permanent game mode

Posted on 12/31/19 3:38:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like it a lot this new game mode. And it got me the new hero so rewards wise i am happy.
I use athene pd noobis as my core team, sasq if they go fast and near pd to make him able to proc.
Mahatma i find very good to kill the ones that escape towards the end as last defence

And then i can toggle with an extra val, cu or michael for energy and boost for noobis
Also keep espirita if noobis isnt good enough.

Drop speed is crucial but that makes it interesting and fun tbh.
Best wishes to all

Posted on 1/1/20 12:40:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

When is the next event? Guide not providing the details? Any idea.