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[Suggestion] Make all heroes details visible in team dungeon and team HBM modes (LI/LS/IS/WR)

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Posted on 12/30/19 3:19:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It would be really great to be able to click and view teammates' heroes in team dungeon (Lava Isle / Lonely Sea) and team HBM (Infernal Summit / Wailing Rift) modes.

As the team modes get harder and harder, it's really important to use heroes with exactly the right talents, crests, and pets. For example, my teammate's Dove Keeper might still have an Unholy Pact crest, which is useful in some game modes but is not useful at all for Lava Isle where there is a damage cap.

It would be great if I could tap on my teammate to see their hero placement (this part is already possible in the game), then also click each individual hero to inspect the talent, insignia, and even alternate talents that that hero has. This would make it much easier to coordinate heroes for our teams.

Posted on 12/30/19 3:47:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is an interesting suggestion as most of us would like to know what our team mates in the team modes as well as opponents in the PvP modes are using on their heroes, and honestly I like it, but let me tell you why I don't think something like this will be considered.

First the team modes are set up with a very limited time before the feature starts, so the only way that this would be possible would be to delay the start.  Keep in mind that it was shortened in response to member feedback, so I am not sure if extending it would be considered at this time.  Not to mention that would be a lot of information to display on the screen when you consider 5 or 6 heroes per team.

In terms of the PvP modes where there is no lobby or holding mode it would just be too much on the display screen amongst all the existing graphics. But again I love the suggestion I just don't think that it is feasible with the current game dynamics.


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