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[Suggestion] Suggestions for Castle Clash 2020

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Posted on 12/30/19 10:37:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In keeping with the holiday season and US tradition of creating resolution lists to set us on the right path, I have composed a list of wishes that I sincerely hope IGG adopts as part of their new year resolution.

Please update:
Hire a hero:- The event has not been updated since release....the cost is too great for the potential rewards.

Hero cards: - Hero card should be shardable heroes, Event card should actually contain event heroes, (01/20) Balloon Event Legendary cards should be broken into 3 cards based on release of the heroes.  There are too many heroes which are not included in the current card system.

Crests: - Please come up with a way that all the crests can be removed from the game, which would include not only converting existing sets but a reasonable means to deal with the mixed-matched crest sets.

Purchase Rewards:  Spirit Mage, Mino & Destroyer are no longer considered as valuable heroes and quite frankly not worth the cost required to obtain them.  Currently Dove, Lavanica & Zephyrica are good alternatives.

Schedule:  Please provide a schedule for regular events, which includes game modes [LostLand, Line of Defense, Labyrinth, Blitz] well as Pirate's Booty, Discount Store, Build A Pack, Fountain and the likes.  Also these events should always be at the top of the announcements tab and not under more events.

Game Modes:  Please evaluate modes all the game modes and remove those which are not popular.

Quick Setup / Favorite List: With so much ingame it is essential that we have some real time management tools.

Additional Storage: Please review this suggestion:

Tutorial:  Please isolate the tutorial to a link where members can search for the tutorial they want to view.  Stop forcing members to follow links they may not be interested in at the time.

Arena:  If you want members to actually compete consistently in this game mode you need to offer something worth competing for, as it stands now they only compete for bragging rights and not consistently.  123457 also feels that the 10 card daily max should be removed (#8)

Broadcast:  I know members requested this but there are chats ingame, on WeGamers, LineChat, Discord, Whatsup App and so on.  Unless you are prepared to have live English speaking moderators monitoring the chat on a consistent basis you should simply remove it as you can not control the actions of trolls, perverts or pedophiles casually.  This feature has once again proven to be an "Epic Fail".

Resources:  Every resource required ingame should be obtainable from normal gameplay, as a new resource is released it should immediately be integrated into the reward system for normal gameplay.

Rewards:  Take time to sit down and calculate how much of each resource is required and structure the reward system so that every possible resource is not only included but also in amounts to reasonably meet those requirements. *ADD: 123457 expanded on this by stating that the drop rates should be increased throughout the game as well.  The current rate is far too low to be able to meet the game's requirements. (#16)

Event Heroes:  When event heores are released in features such as Lava Isle or Line of Defense, please make said heroes available for a sufficient enough time to actually earn the heroes and not switch them before members are halfway to achieving that goal.  Another option would be to create an event hero token or card which can be used to obtain any of those classified as an event hero. *Ballon Event*  This also means that there would no longer be a requirement to feature any one hero.

Soulstones:  Update the system to include soulstones for ALL the heroes and a method for all to be obtained via normal gameplay.

Skins: Update the hero/building skins main page(s) so that we know before clicking on a hero or building type if we have enough skins to update without having to click each hero or building type.(3/20 Update)

General:  Apply fixes for visual glitches and unexplained failures and such in a timely manner. 

Heroes:  Previously there was [1] hero released each month, however recently there has been [2] one which is obtainable via gem roll and the other has been classified as an event hero.  The problem with the event hero is that the events are structured in a manner that members can not obtain the hero before the event end and since the events don't run on a regular schedule and when the event does reopen the featured hero has been replaced making it virtually impossible to even earn the hero in a reasonable period of time.  90% of the heroes in Castle Clash have a very short time where they are useful, so not being able to obtain the heroes within that period makes them absolutely worthless.  This being the case there is no real incentive to participate in said events.

Collect all rewards:  As suggested by Valleyman on post #9; Please implement a one click feature to collect all Gold/Mana/quarries/Warden's bonus/Daily Sign In.  If we sign into game it is obvious that we would be collecting all of these items even if we do not visit the various other modes, so it would be wonderful to have collection of these items simplified with a one click action.  

Build A Pack:  123457 Thinks that Doom Balloon should be added to the feature, while other members are also requesting Mini Angi and other older pets. (#7) in the form of pet bags I, II & III (#10)
SenpaiDaniel Would like to see building skins included in Build A Pack (#20) Also 123457 would like to see a $20.00Usd Pack introduced same as other servers. (#30)  *$20.00usd packs introduced*
123457  Would like to see "more items in there such as insignia bag lvl 10 magic powder bm soulstones  
karmic rock V and more event only hero ss".  (#39)   123457 Thinks that the packs should be expanded to represent all the packs which are available in the $49.99Usd & $99.99Usd and offering "several Stuff". (#50)

Title Rewards: 123457 Thinks that the daily gem bonus cap should be removed from 100 gems for all accounts over the 120k mark, and I dare say many members agree.  It is not fair for the rewards to not be increased for each subsequent title ranking. (#12)

Breakthrough:  123457 Thinks that the auto feature should do an immediate leveling up until all resources are depleted.  While I personally would like to see the feature more automated, I would like to be able to select the level that I want to raise to and not have all my resources depleted at once. (#13)

4x FF: unknowguy Like most would like to see the fast forward feature added to all the game modes. (#23)

Blitz:  123457 Would like to see the addition of Offensive/Defensive team setups, (much like Arena) so we can create teams specifically for base defense as well as offensive teams for attacking purposes.  (#24)  Nohamburger Feels that the rewards should highlighted (approx. every 10th level) to provide additional encouragement to continue expending the effort required.  Further he fills that the 50th (final) level should Include something special to signify completions, such as additional gems or event coins.  (#31)

Spend Gems to Win / Fortuna Fountain:  crappy Feels that these events should occur weekly and the rewards need to be updated. (#28)

Warden Highlight:  Nohamburger, Noticed that the preset Warden highlight was the color of the applied warden but only in Forgotten Trials and suggest that it be implemented in every game mode instead of the default yellow highlight.  (#32)

Standard (6) Hero Teams:  123457, Feels that the standard teams should be comprised of (6) heroes ie...Lbf in each team. (#33)

Amazon F2P:  JIMMY_BEAN Is requesting the addition of Ad Rolls, Tapjoy & Friend Wheel to the Amazon platform.  (#34)

Suggestions/Voting/Notification:  Nohamburger, Would like a previous suggestion revisited which entails an integrated Voting & Notification system for suggestions.  Members would be able to vote for or against any suggestions and the devs would be able to provide notification, ie... " going to implement/are on the drawing board/are under consideration/not going to happen."  (#35)

Enchantment/Traits:  BladeRunnerCC, Suggests that the addition of a 2nd Enchantment and Trait is required.  Just as the heroes are equip with different talents/crests/insignia when switching from game mode to game mode, enchantments and traits are a important element of the hero builds and we should have the same ability to easily change them as needed.  123457 added as a comment that the cost of traits should be decreased by at least 50% of the current cost. (#38)

Hero Restore:  Tuna1, Has suggested that a method be implement to restore accidentally consumed heroes. (#40)

Discount Store:  123457, Feels that the items being offered should be re-evaluated as they are always overpriced, for instance; 5k fame for 1k gems when we can get more for free and many more items.  There has also being a lot of feedback in that a large percentage of the boards only have items redeemable from event coins, which are NOT readily available ingame for everyone, which makes the event essentially a P2P event. (#41)

Pop up Packs:  123457, Would like to see Pop Up Packs redeemable for gems with a 1hr countdown clock as presented on other servers be made available on the US server from time to time. (#43)

Stone Conversion:  123457, Believes that the balloon event which allows us to convert Igniting/Zenith stones to boxes for should be a permanent event, as our P2P community often have to forfeit some due to the storage caps. (#44)

Build Skins:  123457, Would like to see building skin levels increased to lvl 20 as well as Lvl 5 chest included in "Build A Pack" @80 per draw. (#45)

GW / FF Incentive: -DocDenmark- Feels that these features should be rewarded with an ingame resource which is required by everyone.  The item can not be obtained via any other game mode, event or sale to inspire more members to participate in these features.  (#47)

Break Through Notifications:  Cichociemiak, Would like to see notifications ingame when heroes have gained enough exp to level up in sweeping modes such as Dungeons & Hbm. (#48)

Event Coins: Cichociemiak, Suggests that the addition of "Event Coins" as rare prizes to some game modes would be a very useful addition to inspire more activity in the various game modes. (#49)

Destiny Assignment: 123457, Suggest that the assignment of heroes to the destiny sections should be evenly disbursed.  Not only does it make sense to have an even number of heroes in each section, it provides minimal aid in the leveling of the desired heroes.  

He further addresses the issue of heroes & rewards being nerfed / decreased recently, which makes absolutely no sense when the game consistently requires more and more for continued progression.

Finally he sends IGG a reminder that Drop rates should be publicly advertised and updated with the release of any new hero or resource.  (#1)  Reference Source: [Suggestion] Fix your game IGG
Upgrade Rate:  BladeRunnerCC, Comments that at the rate that the game is being upgraded with new caps and methods to buff heroes, as well as unobtainable resources required to perform this task will very quickly steal any joy associated with playing the game and thus kill the game.  (#6)  Reference Source: [Suggestion] Fix your game IGG

Global Chat / (1) hero monthly / Blitz Guantlet:  123456, Global chat should not cost 50 gems to send a message and again needs to be consistently monitored.  (1) Hero monthly is pretty clear, we now get (2) heroes (1) rollable which is increasingly difficult to obtain with the growing pool, and (1) Event hero which needs to be seriously re-evaluated.  The heroes have a very short shelf life before they are replaced so the events should be structured to where most can obtain before the next hero is released.  Finally; Blitz Guantlet's coool down period is too long, he suggests it be decreased to (5) days and that the rewards for the F2P players be increased, and it should also be possible for them to reach level 50 instead of level 40   (#7)  Reference Source: [Suggestion] Fix your game IGG -   DownLoading suggests that a might requirement be added to allow posting in the Global Chat to curtain trolling.  (#51)

Shard Donation Cap:  huskernation feels that the shard donation cap should be removed as stated here:  Reference Source:  [Chat (Android)] Shard donation cap  (#52)

Quest Board:  Cichociemiak. Is suggesting a one click collection of all rewards from completed quest boards.  (#53)

Red Crystal Mines:  123457 Says I'd like to see the addition of red crystal mines Red crystals are a important resourche since pretty much anything regarding lvling up a hero requires red crystals and they are hard to obtain for free (#54)

Guild Limit: 123457 Wants to Remove the 300k guild limit from the game many top 50 guilds have higher might req ment like 400 500 600k 1million might this should be easy to do right? (#55)

Guild Leadership:  123457 Would like to see:  Guild leaders vice guild leaders Should be able to see the actions players do towards  the guild For example an elite accepted a player in the guild When he isn't allowed to do so,. (#56)

Friends / GuildWars / Merits: Batman™️ suggests please add more friend slots, add guild war battle replays (offensive and defensive). Allow us to spend merits on something more then just the warehouse, as most of us have too many. 123457 adds:  also add remove the block cap we can only block 30 max if they remove it would be great  (#58)

Balloon Event / Fame shop / Enchantment interface:  123457 Suggests the following: "put  magic powder in balloon event like 200-300 in exchange for a hero and some shards/hb packs. Also i would like to see apex and zenith stones in the fame shop but sell them for 100 fame=1 400 is just too expensive since you have 10million as cap which is equal to 25000. 3. add enchantment interface to tge compedium we can only see if we build tbe amory now
so please put it in the same place as talents" (#59)

Fast Forward / Adding Hero to 5 Team Game Modes:  chrisg4202017  I think all game modes should be fast forwardable. I think that in Team Dungeons and in Team HBM we should be able to use 6 heroes like most everywhere else instead of 5. There are a lot of great changes that could be implemented and there are a lot that already have. I just think 5 hero game modes are slow going because of the lack of that one extra hero... (#60)

As always feel free to comment in favor or disagreement of anything, as well as add anything you feel I have missed.


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Posted on 1/1/20 3:24:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree 100% to all

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Posted on 1/1/20 3:36:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Totally agree, on every single point.
The balance is lost and all of these suggestion are going to bring it back somewhat and also make the game not feel dated.
There is no point in playing f2p anymore when you are never able to compete with p2p players. Couple years ago that was possible. Nowadays not so much. Nowadays you could grinde for months for basically nothing.

Posted on 1/1/20 4:05:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Spend gems for pack should need a massive increasement too 10 lvl 9 talents runes for 11k gems(50$) is too muchh

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Posted on 1/1/20 4:35:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You are right on every point FL, this shows you understands the game very well. I don't know why igg is becoming too stingy lately in terms of resources, they always bring in new features which demands huge resources and this is the case whereby they are not flexible to get. And even if they are available in some game modes they always make the mode very very difficult and almost impossible to beat.

Posted on 1/2/20 4:35:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i only read few but i agree to all

Posted on 1/2/20 6:03:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please put doom balloon pet build a pack i really need him

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Posted on 1/2/20 3:24:07 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Other suggestion/adjustment for arena is remove the max limit of 10 cards a day i have 150 cards and I personally like arena the max limit always annoyed me.

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Posted on 1/3/20 3:48:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

One more thing to suggest - "Collect all the rewards" button
If you log in the game for the first time in a day, there are plenty of rewards to claim and I have to clink on every single one. I really hate it, because they have added many new "daily" rewards, but they did not delete or merge the old ones. I hate the new interface of the Title and the Daily Title Rewards, now it requires one or two more mouse clicks to obtain the daily reward. I really do not understand why IGG make the game more difficult to play while everyone else try to do the software easier to navigate.
I'd love to see a button that collects all "Earn Gem", "Daily Sign In", "Salvage", "Daily Title Rewards" plus it would be great if all the free chances in evets were included - like Thuder God's gifts, Floating Isle or Pirates Booty. Maybe even free hero rolls.
For sure I agree with all FL's points :-)

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Posted on 1/4/20 4:04:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To make my doom balloon suggestion clear i want pet bag 1 2 3 in build a pack

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