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[Suggestion] Make the gameplay easier for F2P players

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Posted on 1/26/20 11:03:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The total gameplay needs to be changed to benefit  F2P  players more and to raise the chances of players of this game.There aren't many players that are willing to spend over 1000$ to this game so they could compete with other players and participate in events.You should put more events that are F2P related and have the same rewards as the P2P events.You should raise the chances of earning elite heroes through summoning,increase the number of rewards through gameplay,put event heroes easier to obtain for F2P through gameplay,Add new features to the game with better rewards.Change the entire reward system for the Android users in events,Add more hero cards that are easier to obtain for the F2P without spending money etc. Because in reality the F2P players are rhe only ones that make this game alive acutally because only they spend 2-3 hours  a day to this game trying to collect resources.Thank You

Posted on 1/26/20 11:12:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Making more "F2P' events which will also benefit P2P players will make those P2P will not have to pay that much to get better items or stick items needed later on. 
I agree to this idea, but let's check other side of coin. 
More free items = less money spent for game = less income = lower benefit, and i am not sure if anyone would like to earn less only to make happier ppl which will not use any cash in game at all. As much as i like this idea, something tells me IGG will not.

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Posted on 1/26/20 11:34:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i agree with u bro good way f2p make strong and leave players and new plyers play

Posted on 1/26/20 11:48:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd like to go out for dinner and not have to pay why can't the other people pay for mine!!!

Hero rolling has never been easier 2 free roll a days these have given me lots off good heros.
Try giving a better idea something along the line off giving more evolution stones out or rocks for destiny older stuff should become easier as new stuff comes out.
And yes android rewards should be increased inline with other servers

Posted on 1/26/20 1:31:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The world doesn't function that way. Game is obviously moving to being more and more p2p. And it makes sense. Those who pay for something like this need to have advantages over those who don't.

Posted on 1/26/20 3:39:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Speaking from an F2P standpoint, rewards do need to be increased across the board and heroes do need to be easier to obtain if only as a motivating factor.  I feel that the following is excessive and not very well thought out.
"The total gameplay needs to be changed to benefit  F2P  players"
Maybe I misunderstood and you meant to say that the game should be more F2P friendly because it is absolutely ridiculous to think that those who don't pay should be favored over those who essentially financially support the game.
"You should put more events that are F2P related and have the same rewards as the P2P events."
There are such events ingame; Line of Defense, Catch a Prize, Pirate's Booty, Board Bash, All the Sign in Events.  However the reality is that P2P members should have events which are geared towards them with elevated prizes as a reward for their financial support.
"Because in reality the F2P players are rhe only ones that make this game alive acutally because only they spend 2-3 hours  a day to this game trying to collect resources."
The F2P community is largely responsible for the success of Castle Clash and should be able to obtain everything required to excel in the game via normal gameplay, but you need to realize that without the financial backing of the P2P/P2W community there would not be a Castle Clash.  IGG is a business and it has financial responsibilities associated with every vehicle that they produce, and when that vehicle fails to exceed or meet those financial responsibilities it ceases to exist.  End of story.

Being that this game was introduced as a Free to Play friendly environment, and essentially sky rocketed largely due to that representation, the F2P community has the right to inclusion in the development of game modes and distribution of rewards.  We DO NOT however have the right to make unrealistic demands to be on equal footing or above the P2P community who financially supports the game.  For their financial backing they deserve the benefit of elevated gifts and faster progression, and I think any sane and rational individual realizes and accepts those facts.


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Posted on 1/26/20 3:51:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lol I like that you are saying that f2p are important to the game and that some changes should be made but overall it is the p2p that support the game and keep it alive and that gap in event rewards should be kept because the instant a f2p can obtain a p2p item it makes the game less motivating for p2p which equals less support which equals igg making the game crappy(and no one would want that) and  don't think I'm saying this from a p2p standpont , I'm a f2p and there is no denying that as  f2p we have to rely on p2p to keep this game ALiVE.

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The fridge
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Where is Rusty ????

This here is tailored for him. Hahahahahaha :D

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What about those that have already spent $$$ on this game? They don't continue to benefit from previous money put in, especially with the newer heroes fairly easily taking out the ones some < 1 year old.  Consider F2P the smart way to play and not wasting your money ;). There is no continued benefit for ppl that pore money into this game unless new money is put into it. Something like, hey you've put THIS much money into the game, we're going to grant you a daily bonus of X gems + other stuff?. Make the game a virtual investment and you might have a chance to get more paying customers..

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