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[Suggestion] Team Assembly

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Posted on 2/15/20 11:18:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not sure if this has been suggested before ,but it's something we need

1 Ability to "Set up Teams" on hero bases ,For example :
 -1 > Base setup for (Assault)
 -2 > Base setup for (Defense)
 -3 > Base setup for (Guild wars)
it's similar concept like in "Team here be Monsters","Lost Realm"... where we have option to assemble 3 seperate teams

The idea is to Place 1,2,3 numbers in far left corner like shown in the image below, and we can set teams that we desire , I've outlined 3 "team setups" that most players use, and each time we set up team on specific number we should be able to use " Quick Setup" to adjust hero drop order... ( for each team ofc)
Pressing number where team is not yet formed ,should show empty hero bases...

Posted on 2/15/20 1:38:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes this has been suggested multiple times.
[url=]Quick Setup / Favorite List[/url]
As you will see it suggests the building and saving of preset complete teams for raiding and every game mode, in fact multiple setups for some game modes.  Unfortunately their attempt at quick setup did not address this issue at all but I am glad to see others supporting this and I am hopeful that they will ultimately get it right.


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Posted on 2/15/20 2:47:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

From one point of view it wold be good idea to set up teams like those. We wouldn't have to bother to set up them before closing game. Just i think that Raids/GW for most of ppl is same team, so there is no reason to split it. 
But on other hand raiding would be more difficult, since many ppl are not bothering switching tea, for defensive before turning off game. This would lead to more difficult fights, in some cases much higher stress than usually, and where it will lead no one knows. 

Knowing those 2 sides it is hard for me to tell if it would be good or not. We had many players suggestions which were implemented, and in the end those suggestions were not good at all after they were implemented.

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Posted on 2/15/20 3:23:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Let me clarify my post a little bit more...

You know how you can make 3 teams in "Team here be monsters"
                                                           "Team dungeons"
                                                           "Lost realm"

That's exactly what I'm suggesting be done in Main screen
Put 1.2.3 numbers and make teams ... ( defence/raid/Gw)

As a result ,it would save us a lot of time searching through Altar to find heroes and setting them up in small crowded hero bases that are mostly surrounded by troops (so you cant even see them lol)

Posted on 2/15/20 6:48:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would love this! it's kinda boring changing insignia everytime for running lonely sea2

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