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[Suggestion] Fix your game IGG

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Posted on 2/20/20 4:00:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

its absurd how much useless stuff we get and how expensive it is skill 14 was only a few months ago skill 15 already probably bt 40 and or 3rd evo soon which will break the game to be honest the game isnt fun anymore its just about who ever spends the most wins
thats just typically igg they dont care not even talking about all the stuff they nerved zephy drops event only cards( that only give hot shot which is absurd) chests V books got nerved bugs/glitches that have been in game for ages 
a non monitored global chat..
FIX YOUR GAME IGG you should actually take notes from those that care about the game

My suggestion is

Remove the broadcast just completely
Its being used not the way it should be perverts scammers  kids asking for nudes and so on
or just simply imply a report button like other games have

now we have to do it via live support and some times it takes up to 20 minutes

Some drop rates have been reduced compared to a few months ago somehow give us official drop rates of all items in game

73k points is need which is impossible to get when  areas only have 7 heroes when others have 8 or 9 That should be made equal 8 in each

I know some of our suggestion have been implied and so on but there are still a lot of things that could "fix this game" such as glitches for example guild chat has been bugged for ages (when ever you  press enter it duplicates of what you wrote)

also there are many resources which are not obtainable through game play or rewards which makes it p2p
not only coins but also skins soulstones and chests
(clashers day for example it does give nice stuff but by fsr not enough

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Posted on 2/20/20 4:48:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agreed on all points.:angel:


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Posted on 2/20/20 5:57:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree on all the things you pointed out - it's absurd that in each update, new items, resources, heroes, and the like are introduced. However, some of these new items are not obtainable via gameplay. It's sad :ermm:

Regarding the suggestions you listed, here's some of my perspective:

  • The Broadcast System was actually a good addition in-game - if used in the right and proper context. Recently, I've seen a MESSAGE that they have suspended a specific account due to violating the rules of using the Broadcast System. It's a great system to share your insights in-game - Game Authorities, however, must be more strict in applying the rules. The 'Report Button' is also a good idea.

  • Regarding the drop rates in-game, I also strongly agree with this. As I've mentioned from my previous thread, Hero Card (Official Events), the game developers/officials are required to let us know the drop rates of each item in-game. It's as simple as that :angel:

  • Yes, of course! Let's not forget the Destiny Points. It's horrific for how much Destiny Points are required to reach a specific level. I was actually thinking... BREAKTHROUGH LEVEL should also contribute as points. 

  • Yup! Thanks to @FirstLady for that thread (implying to Castle Clash Suggestions 2020). I've seen good ideas that can be added in-game. We're hoping that it could be implemented soon.

  • Haha, I totally agree with this! Clashers' Day rewards should also be improved. Give higher quantities (make sure it's also high quality items). In general, IMPROVE ALL IN-GAME REWARDS! Update the rewards from such game modes (Haul Torch, Guild Boss, etc.).

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Posted on 2/20/20 7:17:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

also, rolling heroes with gems is nerved I know I know its random but it is still insane after rolling 200k+ not seeing the new hero or anything good I agree with you @BigPP

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Posted on 2/21/20 12:34:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I also agree. Game should be balanced, not it is not. I know it is not easy task to achieve balance, but devs should try to achieve it as for as possible.

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Posted on 2/21/20 8:03:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agree on all points raised by all!
If IGG continues upgrade like this way, they will destroy this interesting game, the people will stop spending money on it because they will understand one day that they are treated as stupid people who continue spend money to buy new staffs monthly without any fun anymore.
If we look back on the upgrade path recently:
- not remove and replace the old aged staff (including rewards)
- only add the new staffs (including new rewards), and some are not available from game play at all (new rocks for the destination for example)!
- new heroes, tenants, skills, enhancements, super pet are stronger and stronger, so you need to buy them in order to keep your team decently. No more strategy to play since long time
- the game app become bigger and bigger becasue they are lazy to remove/replace the old aged staffs, but only add the new staffs!

Don't make me wrong, I have all heroes with best build (personal opinion of course when you say best build :-)) except the new hero.
I am not saying to quit the game cause I like it very much, but now it become less and even less funny for me any more. And the time I play this game is less and less, the consequence is spending the money less and less into this game.   
I just really wish that IGG is listening to all suggestions and try to make this game great again, before it's too late ...

Posted on 2/21/20 8:27:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

to be honest
chat suggestion I think the cost of 50 gems should be remove no other game has it and it makes no sense 50gems for it Yes it is used the srong way but you can imply filters for thaf and hand out bans I havent seen someone being banned for months

1 hero a month suggestion implied nice hopefully it stays this way

heroes some of the heroes are not used at all so we need a way to use them or simply remove legends/heroes that no one uses from the game
also stuff when talking about bags merit shop fame shop things are overpriced every update we get more stuff but decreasing their cost hasnt been done properly for sometime especially merit/fame shop
also this is a thing in ios but on ios you have same language chat android does not and i never understood why

fountain fortuna has been upgraded last update
so please open it on a weekly base like it used to be
(in some servers you can pick items from a list and choice your own reward)

Blitz gauntlet i find the cooldown way too long 12 days is insane i personally suggest to bring it down to 5 days and better rewards for f2p players

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Posted on 2/21/20 10:26:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I must say , I agree with all points raised in this thread... BUT will IGG implement our suggestions it remains to be seen....
(they are driven by profit ,so giving "free" or "easily" accessible stuff does not align with $$$)

Right now with this new update ,they have two options...
1. Wait for ppl to rage, complain and eventually leave or
2. Implement some of the good suggestions and keep the playerbase investing $$$ in game.

And i suggest for IGG to be a little bit more involved in Forum... to tell us what they are working on ,(are they considering to add some of our ideas and want more imput, or they think it's all nonsense and we're wasting time making threads no1 reads)(more involvment is better)

Posted on 2/21/20 4:33:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I feel like I must reply show my vote on these ideas. I feel relatable with all points made by 123457 and agree with BigPP's and BladeRunnerCC's nuance of the matter. I'd say implement these suggestions (if not made already) into the Castle Clash Suggestions 2020 thread of Firstlady so all suggestions are easily accessible for the game-developers. 

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