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[Suggestion] A new suggestion for guilds (alliances.)

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Posted on 3/18/20 9:32:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello. I have a few ideas to make guilds fun and more appealing.I

1-alliances. No not one of the top guild alliances. I mean like multiple guilds in one. So let's say this. "ZBN" decides to be in a alliance with "LBN" they will be able to have a entire chat about those 2 guilds. And if there is more then 2 guilds in a alliance then you can switch between alliance chats. (There is a chat with all guilds in one chat.) 

2-a new game mode. We all love New game modes. Keeps the game fun and exciting. so I came up with one for the alliances feture. (Each alliance has a max of 5 guilds. 5 people can be vice alliance leaders and there is a alliance leader.) Each vice and leader can make one base. (6 in total.)  The strongest base will be the last to defend. Rewards:hero cards. Fame. Credits for each guild/shards. Etc. Alliances go head to head to claim more land. This will be like fortress feud and dungeons mixed. The alliance who got the most wins and lands destroyed wins. (People can fight for rights to have their hero in the bases. Max:10. The strongest hero wins the rights to be in the base.) This will be a monthly event. People can donate to upgrade the things like walls hero bases etc. (These are perment. There is a 2 hour event run time and a 1 hour preparation.) People can use their own hero's to try and beat other people's bases. (There will be alliance requests in "applications" each guild can be apart of 1 alince. And the leader of the guild has to leave the alliance for the guild it's self to leave the alince. 

3-a new building unlocked after a alliance forms. This holds the alliances together. "Alince hall". It holds the new event and all of the might will merge to one for each guild that joins(for alinces.) And you'll be facing against alliances near your alliance might. It also holds the chats for guilds. You can switch over each guild chats. with a main alliance chat with all guilds in one. (Everyone who built the alliance hall is automatically in the alliance that was created. If someone leaves the guild they will have left the alliance as well. All guild members for all 5 guilds can fit in the alince.)

I think I went over everything that needed to be said. I really hope IGG considers this. It would make People more existed to join guilds and events. And I really like this idea to help improve guilds that want to join together but can't. So thank you for reading this far and have a good one. :)

Edit:fixed the spelling mistakes.

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Posted on 3/19/20 3:38:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Idea of alliances is interesting, but question is if we can face allied guild in GW and other guild vs guild modes or not. Imagine top guild made alliance, and if they can't face each other, they will be paired with much weaker guild during GW. Good for them, but this second guild is in a worse position at the start because they may not be as strong as one of top guilds. I see all those complaining with "worst pairing ever". Therefore GW between those guilds should be possible, just like FF and other guild modes.
As for communication, since Chat works way it works it have to be reworked in first place, caus it is not effective in many cases, therefore chatting between alliances could be difficult. I think it would be better to add separate tab for alliances, and limit alliance to one at first to see how it will work. If it will be ok we can think about bigger alliances.

Although new mode seems interesting it is little too complicated especially Alliance features. It should be more simple. More complicated things are more difficult to made, therefore less likely to show up in game.

This idea have potential, but it should be  less complicated, and other things along Alliance itself should be rethinked. Thanks for idea though.

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Posted on 3/20/20 2:37:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. New Hero: Alphamech
Skill Name: Sound Barrier  
Skill Description:
For Xs, reduces all nearby enemy targets' ATK by X% and Silences them. Deals X% ATK DMG to all nearby enemy units and  converts X% of the DMG dealt to recover HP every Xs for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs. This Hero is immune to Silence, has high CRIT Resist,  and reduces DMG received by X%. When attacking, Hero has X% chance to recover X Energy.)