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[Suggestion] IGG you took a really great concept and threw it away...

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Posted on 6/8/20 5:21:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We are a small guild with 22 members. 22 ACTIVE members! First Narcia was a learning curve for everyone, as would be expected.  We figured things out a bit but all in all we ended the season feeling good about the mode and eager for the next season.

2nd Narcia there were improvements made, a bet confusing but still a great concept. Again we were a bit smaller guild only having had 16 active members at that time, but we all work together, have member from all over the world to make this event fun for us. We ended Narcia in 2nd place for the bracket we were in and came away with a feeling of confidence for a job well done against guilds that were 3 times our size.

Now comes the 3rd installment of Narcia and I am absolutely perplexed about how IGG does the matching up of guilds to compete against each other.  We have 22 members! Our might is 11.7 Mil and we are ranked 357. How does a guild our size get sandwiched between 2 top 5 guilds and be expected to participate in the event? The guild we lost to in our bracket for the last Narcia is stationed behind us on the edge of the map. THEY cannot even move to get to a town since they have a 4 minute March to the town, we have a minute March and Evolution has about a 61 second march. Evolution being top 5.

IGG really needs to figure out how to make this game mode competitive but fair to everyone that puts the time into the game. I'd say roughly 85% (possibly more) of our members spend money on this game and I can honestly say with how this Narcia seeding bracket went, and us probably spending the next 5 days watching this play out instead of participating, I don't know if ANY of us will feel like spending money any time soon. This needs to be fixed!

Posted on 6/8/20 5:30:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imagine how guilds under 5 members feel.

Posted on 6/8/20 5:43:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think all changes made to those game modes are released when game is updated. Therefore we need to wait for next update, to hopefully see improvements, cause indeed current Narcia really could be better. Again my guild ended near edge of map, but this time there are 2 towns close to us, and less guilds around us. Still we will have to hit really hard to move somewhere.
Let's hope next Narcia will be improved, in way we want to see it so competition would be better and more enjoyable. And i do hope there will be really good rewards on end of event depending on guild place in ranking.

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Posted on 6/8/20 9:12:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We jumped guild to get more lucky for narcia... i can happily announce that we got the town closest to the outer edge.
Behind all opponents, never been so bad till now...lmao.
We need sleeping rays to take over the world the first hour of narcia.

Posted on 6/8/20 1:07:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

TrueHeartOfGold2, Please do not take offense to my commentary as none is actually intended.  
First; Your title is very misleading as the concept was never thrown away, just slightly altered based on feedback from members.  unfortunately these alterations did not address the matching process or guild placements.........yet

Second; The matching and placement has always been off and as such received more negative feedback then anything else, so they are very aware that members are not happy with the current system and really need more suggestions as to viable methods to make it fair for everyone.

Third; I am thoroughly confused as to the need to mention how many of your members spend or the assumed lack of desire to continue doing so because of this game mode.  Is not the intention to make your feelings known about the feature in the hopes of improvement?  To my knowledge there is no actual spending requirement in Narcia, so I struggle to see the relevance of those comments.

Having said that, I totally agree that the matching system is totally out of whack, as well as the starting placement of the guilds across the map.  I envision the matchup system being performed within a few hours of the feature start based on the guild might.  The feature should be run in brackets (might groupings) with the lowest bracket on one edge of the map and graduating to the highest bracket being placed on the other end.  To be clear no one can cross the boundaries of their map into another bracket, I am just assuming that all the brackets share one massive map with each group in their own section since the feature is run for everyone at the same time.

Within each bracket the guilds should be equally spaced around the perimeter of the map.  I know the edge sucks, but it is the most optimal means to eliminate any one guild having any advantage, as they all will have to cover the same distance, any other method of placement will offer unfair advantages.  Now of course this is just a rough draft of what I believe you would like to see, and in order for us to move in that direction it will take some clear & detailed suggestions to IGG.  You would be surprised how much can be missed when you detour from the subject at hand.


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Posted on 6/15/20 3:41:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Overkill. We were on the other side of Evolution so we also and Iron.Squad, Flamedroppers, and Blackskies to contend with.  

We won last season in our bracket but you weren't with us. So what this means is that IGG placed top finishers together regardless of their bracket. Kinda messed up. I certainly hope they fix that for next season.