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[Suggestion] Suggestions for better game Experience - Summer 2020

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Posted on 7/23/20 8:46:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

These are my opinions about what changes should be made for this awesome game:

- Game Modes -

1. Make more Practice Game Modes wich could be played with Friends or Guild Mates, or add that option to the current Game Modes ! (It would be nice to have for example: Team Fights 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 (Like Lost Battlefield), Arena, Squad Showdown... This would be really fun and it could be used to practice for the current Game Modes and to make new strategies or to test new Talents or Heroes !

2. Update the rewards in some of the Game Modes, becouse people don't want to waste their time for something that gives them items wich are not worthy anything these days. Example: If you get Talent Runes Lvl 6/7/8, wich you can buy in the Fame Store for 300/600/1200 Fame... that Game Mode nobody would play becouse they can get 1.5 milion Fame in the Store Event, for only 10 Event Tokens (Or less, depends on the Sale % in the Store). And even F2P can obtain them in some of the events, such as Mining Event, Catch A Prize etc. So either boost the rewards or make every gamemode provide some of the items that can only be obtained in it.

3. Update "Chellange A Boss" Guild Event ! Add new Guild Bosses and update the rewards, so that even the Highest Guilds would do them. It's only once a day and it should have MUCH better rewards. I also didn't see any updates for it in the past years ! 

- Setups -

Game Modes Setup
1. You should make one "Team Setup" option and add it on every Game Mode. Wich means that for every Game Mode we could choose the Heroes that we will use, their Talents, Insignias and also Pets. (Example is Squad Showdown, where you choose Heroes, Talents and Insignias, and place Heroes) After we save these teams once, they will stay that way untill we want to change something for the specific Game Mode. This also means that: 

- We will be able to setup the same pet at the same time in every Game Mode team... but on only one Hero in each Game Mode.

- All Insignias that we have will be available in all of the Game Modes. (Example: We can use all the Insignias that we have, in one of the Game Modes. But if we go in the another Game Mode, we will be able to use them again) This way, logic of "spending" Insignias and Pets is the same as it is now, but it will just save us of that HUGE waste of time that we had while we were switching between Game Modes. (becouse we needed to change every each thing menualy everytime we wanted to play another Game Mode, wich is total waste of time and I think that every player that plays this game, would say the same.)

2. All of this should also be included and made as addition on Game Modes that already has option to make some kind of a team, such as Lost Realm, Labyrinth, Team Dungeons, Lost Battlefield, Guild Boss, Archdemon... etc.

Base Quick Setup
I think that we should be able to make at least 2 Team setups for the Base. One for the Attack and one for the Deffense. They could add it next to "Battle Order" Tab in Hero's Base Quick Setup section (for example), Instead of that "Pet" section.

Favorite List
With all these above, this option would only be used to show someone the Heroes that you have and that you like the most. Wich would then make more sense.

- Buildings Ideas -

Town Hall
Town Hall should have a better purpose, becouse it’s the main building in the Castle Clash. There should be the entrance next to Resources and Achievements, called “Enter” (wich means you enter the Town Hall) and it would take you to the page wich would be made similar to the current “Present Box” wich is placed under the Might and Title. There, at the same place, you should be able to collect all the daily rewards such as Daily Sign In, Daily Title Rewards, all Production Resources, Salvage or get the Information such as current Crhronicles Page. That way it would be more simple and more interesting, instead of Collecting the rewards from many different places, wich also confuses new players and waste everyones time. Also there are too many things to collect, so this way “Present Box” would be deleted and Entrance for Announcements and Events Pages would be only one left under the Title and Might bar. 

Item Exchange Building (New)
This building would provide an option for players to Exchange all the Resources or Items wich are collected really fast and have amount cap in the Item Trunk, such as: Mana/Gold or Zenith/Apex Stones. That option would let players exchange these Resources and Items into the Packs or Boxes. (Similar to the offers from the Item Exchange Event) This would also let Players to play the game more often and save the Resources for the future use if they are not able to use them at that moment. They could setup the amount of resources that would be needed to exchange for Packs like for Example: 500k or even 1.5mil of Mana resource for a single 300k Mana Peck)

Warehouse - Item Trunk
It should have these 5 Sorting Tabs (All, Consume, Unopened, Heroes, Scarps) 

"All" - should show all the items in the Item Trunk (As it already is)

"Consumable" - should show all the items that you spend for something (As it already is)

"Unopened" - should show all unopened Chests, Boxes, Bags, Unopened Cards... (It would replace the Gift Pack Tab wich would be more logical)

"Cards" - should show all the Cards ! Such as: Opened Hero Cards, Talent Refresh Cards, Dungeon Entry Cards, Quest Completion Cards, Quest Refresh Cards, Team Dungeon Cards, Hero Slot Cards...  (It would replace current "Hero" Tab)

"Scarps" - should show all the Skin Scarps that we have (If they delete Crests from the game, It can simply replace current "Crest" Tab)

(This would give much better game experiance and it shouldn't be hard to remake becouse there are already 5 Tabs in the Item Trunk)


1. Make an option to sell the items even if the resources are capped, with just a message that they won't get any resources.. so people could just check "Don't show me this message again" and continue to sell the items.

2. The button (wich is placed under the "Blitz Gauntlet", at the main screen) that takes us to "Item Trunk" should give us option to choose if we want to go in the "Item Trunk", "Insignia Bag" or "Buy Items" ! Or add these as buttons too.

3. Add some kind of "Insignia Tab" and "Store Tab" at the side of the Item Trunk Page, so that people can open Insignias directly from there.

- Title Ideas -

1. If we include the idea of the Town Hall changes, Title Page purpose would be simple and logical… to show your Might, Informations about Titles and with it, they should also add option to show the Might, Guild and Arena Rankings wich is currently hard to find, especially for the new players.

2. Title Rewards should be different for every Title, wich means as your Title grow, so do daily Rewards. There is no point to give the same Gem amount to people with 80.000 Might and people with 6 milion Might.. also they should increase the amount of Shards and Honor Badges becouse it's way too low for these days.

- Ingame Chat & Mails -

1. There are currently 2 Chat buttons, at the main screen. Both of them are opening the same thing. 1st button is at the left side of the screen, at the middle. 2nd button is at the bottom of the screen, a bit left from the middle. One of them should be deleted.

2. When we open Chat section, there are 3 Tabs (Broadcast, Guild, Social) and there is still enough space for one more Tab to be added next to them and that should be "Recent" tab (wich is currently placed next to the "Friends" Tab, wich shows us our Friends List) becouse it's also Tab that is used for player message exchange. That way all the messages will be at the same place and it would be much more logical and easier to use, especially for the new players. After that, "Recent" Tab should be renamed to "Private", that would make more sense.

3. "All Invites" Tab should also be placed into the Mail section, becouse it is logical that if someone "Sent" something to you, that goes to the Mail section. That Includes Friend Invites, Battle Invites and all other Invites too. (It's also similar to the Battle Reports)

4. We should be able to scroll Message Tabs normally, currently if we are scrolling and someone sends a new message, it takes us back to it. This problem includes all of the Chat Tabs.

- Heroes, Hero Cards, Skins -

1. Enchantments should have a second slot (Like talents for example). There are many different Game Modes, so people should also be able to Change the Enchantments of the Heroes as they play different Game Modes or practicing different strategies. 

2. There are Many of the Legendary Heroes that still have no Skins, and yet, there are Heroes with two skins. It would be nice to make skins for all the Legendery Heroes, even the ones that can be obtained via Shards.. such as Atlanticore, wich is still used sometimes and still has no skin.

3. It would be nice to Boost the old Heroes. (And then with these skins add, it would be just like Reworked Heroes, but this way it would be much faster and easier for their developers)

4. Add some kind of Notification when Heroes can't get more EXP, becouse they reached a limit (While swapping Dungeons, HBMs etc)

5. Add a way to use Mana and Gold Packs while Upgrading, Incribing, or Destiny Upgrading Hero, so they don't need to go Hero - Item Trunk everytime they miss Gold or Mana ! (Would be much easier for everyone)

6. PLEASE balance the Cards in the game ! There shouldn't be so many different Cards ! Instead, make only 3 different Cards, such as: 

Legendary Hero Card (Contains all of the old Legendary Heroes that can be rolled with Gems, but are not used often these days)

Prime Hero Card (Contains all of the Legendary Heroes that can be rolled with Gems, and wich are used really often these days)

Event Hero Card (Contains all of the Heroes that can be obtained only through the Events)

This should be used for the future Epic Heroes and their Cards as well !

- Resources -

1. Red Crystal mines should be add in Lost Realm, just like Blue Crystals.. (Ofc, with the less production)
2. Merits should be used in more ways and on more places !
3. Mana and Gold should be increased from max 8.4 mil to 10 mil. That would make upgrading Heroes easier, especially for P2P players, wich could devo 10+ Heroes with a single Bazaar Pack purchase.

- Items -

1. Kermic Rock IV really should be obtained more Frequently (Even Kermic Rock V and Kermic Rock VI are easier to obtain). You could add them more Frequently in the Bazaar / Events or else you could add them in the Castle Chest V / VI with a lower drop rate and amount then Kermic Rocks I / II / III

2. Delete Crests and Artifact sections from the game, becouse they are not used anymore.

- Events -

1. Some of the Events have rewards that really need to be updated, such as "Hatch Eggs to Win" or "Hire Heroes to Win", "Smash Eggs"... rewards are so bad and low that it doesn't make any sense to waste Gems, Event Coins... on it.

2. Event page should include all the 3 Tabs. (Announcements, Events and Free) Free Tab should have all the Events that has the First roll FREE. That way you would save players from wasting their time by searching all of the events to find the ones with Free Rolls.

3. Destroyer is not used at all these days, he is not worthy to be obtained through Events. It should be obtained through normal Gem Rolls and Cards. Make new Hero wich would replace his place, or just put some Hero that is already there (Such as Lavanica.. wich is not the best Hero anymore, but still good Tank and people use it from time to time)

4. Also please delete or boost these low rewards from Earn Gems such as: "Buy 230+ Gems daily to win 30 Shards", "Buy Gems to get Kermic Rocks", "Buy Gems to get Honor Badges", "Buy Gems to win lvl 5 Talent Chest"... these only spam and nobody cares for these rewards. Also delete the New Player Login Rewards after they finish it.

Playing the Castle Clash for more then 5 years. I have joined here to write my personal opinions and ideas, about the game.

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i agree on all points

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These are some much needed items which have been requested for sometime as you can see from the dates of the following threads addressing many of these same  suggestions.
[Suggestion] Quick Setup / Favorite List
[Suggestion] Additional Storage

For the most part I am in total agreement with all the suggestions presented, but I highly doubt that IGG will create skins for heroes which are basically not being used.  Further your suggestion to sell resources for nothing imo is insane because we grind hard to obtain them so we should receive some benefit for doing so.  I would rather see the caps raised and an option to upgrade to bulk boxes without having to wait for an exchange event.  

We should also have a comprehensive exchange system whereby mana can be exchanged for gold,  gold can be exchanged for fame, fame can be exchanged for HB and so forth and it should include all resources.  Something like this would enable us to manage our warehouse storage better, something that they should very quickly increase or separate into logical sections as previously suggested.  It is not logical to assume that members are not having serious issues with the amount of space being provided when this complaint has been echoed for years and each new update adds additional items which we are forced to store.

Just my 2cents.


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Posted on 7/23/20 12:29:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thx for writing this down in a comprehensive text with nice layout. Full support !

Posted on 7/23/20 6:03:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

That's a lots of things you wrote. Some are new, others are old, like first 2 points: "Game Modes", "Setups", and some parts of other points. 
I don't want to point what imo will not happen, like upgrading old events (cause for IGG it looks like is easier to make new one than update those old) or item exchange building, cause it is additional work for devs, and potential loss in profit cause folks could exchange items instead buying them. Don't get me wrong, it is good for us, but not that good for devs. 
But overall there are some interesting points in your post.

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