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[Suggestion] Narcia Combat Adjustment

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Posted on 8/7/20 3:21:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Currently, if you defeat ~25 teams in a row that are Garrisoned in a Town in Narcia (a couple less when Strength lost from marching is factored in), you'll be sent back to your Town with 0 Strength since each successful attack drains 4 Strength, and you have to wait the 10 minute cooldown time to use your team again. I don't think a team should be punished for succeeding in all of its possible attacks.

If possible, a team that has succeeded in all of it's previous attacks should automatically be sent back to its Town once it has 4 or lower Strength. For instance, rather than a team attacking 25 Garrisoned targets successfully and dying, it would attack 24 targets successfully and automatically return, leaving it with minimum Strength, but not dead.

This principal shouldn't include failed attacks. If your team has multiple successful attacks, but fails against one of the later Garrisoned teams and loses all strength, it should die normally.

Obviously this isn't an issue that presents itself very often, so it might not be high on the list of changes to make. But I don't personally think it's fair to punish strong teams for winning.


Posted on 8/7/20 5:30:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You pointed interesting problem. This can be really big problem, cause waiting 10 min for revive can be troublesome and during that time other guilds can attack weakened teams and take control over castle. Solution you  provided can be interesting imo.

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