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[Suggestion] Prestige reward need to be fixed

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Posted on 9/11/20 1:17:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't think is the right idea to limite the daily prestige. Some game modes specialy (Expedition) only gives prestige, so if I reached the max for the day there's no need to play those Modes?
if you play 6 Infernal Summit at 2x rewards time you will get 40,800 prestiges and Plus some lava 4 you are already at the max, after that all you get doesn't count anymore.

Posted on 9/11/20 3:24:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

At caps that high, do you really think they should be increased?


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Posted on 9/11/20 8:23:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imo, I think it's great the way it is, the shop gives amazing rewards if you save up enough,(for me it's the lvl5 talent boxes.) I don't see why the cap needs to be increased, especially with rewards this great.

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Posted on 9/11/20 10:31:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm complaining about the others game mode that don't need to be played after you have reached the cap.

Posted on 9/12/20 3:17:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Im more concern about new payment on the Title Talent and Battle Talent. Now it cost prestiges to all the mights its soo unfair. They should socialize that they gonna changes couple upgrade resources like 1-2 weeks before.... This is so stressfull especially for f2p now they have more than buying legendary prestiges but also saved em for title & battle talent upgrade

Posted on 9/12/20 6:01:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The prestige cap should be removed and here's why:

First!y I'm sure lots of players have lava(mesa), infernal summit, wailing rift and lonely sea cards that they have received as rewards from blitz or quests. Personally I have over 50 lava cards in my warehouse. Some of my guild mates have easily over a hundred cards. In the past whenever we have time we could use there cards and get our lava chests and the corresponding rewards in the chests be it quest refresh cards, shards, walla soul stones etc.

With the cap, once we hit the daily cap using those cards essentially gives us no rewards and since the daily cap is easily reached, it therefore renders all our lava, infernal summit etc cards useless. This is essentially denying players their rewards from items that are handed out in game for completing quests and blitz. Either the cap needs to be raised substantially or entirely removed to enable us to use our cards.

Posted on 9/12/20 11:58:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all, i'd like to say that i like the change IGG decided to implement, but i'm having trouble understanding the existance of daily limit at all ( aka CAP )

@FristLady stated one of the reasons ,which quicky falls into water once we see some of the problems as a direct result of said Cap
As few players already pointed out, we're able to fill the limit playing only few gamemodes,
or collecting rewards from GW, which means that playing other gamemodes like expedition, Arid Ruins etc... will give you NO rewards at all.

Another "problem" is that Cap esentially makes all your "gamemode" cards useless
Using them after Cap will give you NO rewards whatsoever.
( The solution would be to increase the Cap to 150 000, or remove it altogether )

Posted on 9/12/20 5:47:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Maybe IGG is limiting it, cause they don't want to force us to participate all game modes, but only what we need ? When you are doing team modes in specific times you don't have to do them all, just part of it, therefore you can save time on other modes. And maybe this is why devs did it.
Personally i would remove cap, and those 2xreward time zones, and  let us decide what we want, and how much of it we will do.

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Posted on 9/12/20 5:57:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree the prestige limit needs to be removed or at least doubled. It made expedition useless. Team dungeons and team HBM also can't be played after you easily reach the limit (except wailing rift and lonely sea which offer a chest as well. I found myself losing prestige won in forgotten trial as well.
I may be new to the forum, but have been playing for 7 years and this partially unwelcome change has made me sign up to comment. I am not f2p, buy I haven't spent 100's like some people.

Hopefully they will take the feedback offered by everyone and have some revision or compromise to this prestige cap. Or at least change the rewards for expedition etc so it's not soley prestige