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[Suggestion] Important Suggestions

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Posted on 10/30/20 10:22:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. Dungeon sweep is time consuming with one sweep/second ,Please change dungeon sweep to the previous system.
2. While consuming consumables in the warehouse it scrolls to top, needing to scroll again each and every time when consuming needed items.
3. Redeeming of rewards in quests - need to click on each completed quest, need an option to collect whole rewards together(completed quests).
4. While collecting gold/mana rewards from the quest board doesn't give a warning as "excess will be lost" it shows only in 'salvage'.
5. Option to add separate heroes in layout(for example: if using dove,pd,anubis,ds,lazu,walla in layout-1, if i change my layout to layout-2  can add other 6 heroes but when i change my layout again to layout-1 it stays the same along with the heroes(dove,pd,anubis,ds,lazu,walla).
6. In a mastermind dungeon we get mad inventor ss please add legendary heroes ss in insane dungeon as random rewards.
7. Please add an option where we can see all the insignia and crests held by heroes together , (for example: if i have revive crest 1,2,3 in warehouse  but need crest 4 to convert it to insignia but i don't remember on which hero it put it, need to check each and every hero,) so if a particular option is added to check, it will be easy.
Thank you for reading

I hope someone reads it and it reaches to dev team,
(sorry for grammar or any other mistakes, not good in English)

Thank You,

Posted on 10/30/20 8:24:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I want to write what i think about Your suggestions:
1. Admin confirmed that devs are working to fix it, hoping next update
2. Indeed this is annoying bug, needs to be fixed.
3. I was suggesting something like that many times before, but it is never enough to remind about it.
4. It is not problem for me at all, bigger problem is that we can't sell items if there is max amount of gold/mana,
5. It was suggested many time before by many folks. We are still waiting for it. 
6. As much as idea seems good collecting specific hero from it would take a looooot of time. Dumno if it is worth. 
7. This is an interesting idea. it could be visible from Hero Altar screen, just like talents. but on opposite side, with number of insignia lvl.

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Posted on 10/31/20 10:05:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Redeeming of rewards in quests (#3) has bothered me since I started playing this game years ago. They haven't changed it yet so I'm not holding my breath that they will.

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