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[Suggestion] Salvage rewards and Heroes shard

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Posted on 12/23/20 7:08:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

in Salvage, I always wonder why there's not Dungeons Cards, HT Cards, Team Dungeons or Team HBM Cards when you don't play that game modes (because you're busy or take a break), like the others. Maybe they could add them.

About Heroes shards, I know IGG won't add news Heroes but they could add old Heroes like Ork, Death Kinght, Trenta, Pixie, Candy kane, etc, making their evo, debo, etc, more cheaps in shards and new players (old players like me don't need this) can get them to Lvl up their destiny or another Hero Destiny in their area.

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Posted on 12/23/20 11:17:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Re: The cards: 
You make a valid point, they should be part of the salvage rotation, and perhaps now that you have made the suggestion we will be seeing them soon.

Re: The older hero shard cost:
Unfortunately IGG has done nothing in terms of the older heroes. Ie; update their skills, or create game modes specifically for them.  Nor have they decreased the cost of any resource, even though their value may have greatly decreased.  Hopefully your post will give them something to ponder, as these are very good suggestions.


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