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[Suggestion] Dynamic Bases and Designing

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Posted on 12/27/20 12:32:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


To modify and add more items in the previous thread

I'm going to suggest a few topics about design and added features for have more excitement in the game.
many players now are maxed in buildings and also many not.
first I want to say about more dynamic base for adding some new buildings with good graphics.
like a witch house,farm,garden with some options maybe we could get a witch with so many upgrades and new goblins to help our new lady ,stopping digging for some little rewards and make some more valuable items with large numbers

goblins witch ,some watcher heroes for our base.
it's good to see your base is alive and when I look at the base, I see life in it.
it's really wonderful
I have a few requests for recent updates ,epic heroes and their systems
it's good to get some decoration for epic heroes big statues and epic backgrounds ,some old founts,and add more walls for base designing.

Thank U.

Posted on 12/30/20 3:35:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Hello again
The buildings get more updates but just for some more hp and no new stuffs
I think upgrading 5 level for town hall without any new option doesn't make sense
has the company some plan for that or not?