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[Suggestion] Narcia's folk lore update

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To modify and add more items in the previous thread

When I look at the epic islands, I get the feeling that the new islands are more ancient
first i ask about "Mad Inventor" in "Cliff Of Chaos" this hero uses a/an [evil] technology, it's not really match with an epic hero.
we have a hero with technology stuffs like Mechtessa and some others but they looks good and i feel her stuff is match.
i don't want suggest to move him or change his skin because it's not good for an epic hero.
but it's good ,if we get some good skins for young epics like "coldheir" he's with skin is really small and we may get lost him in the middle of our troops.
i would like say about the epic stories and Narcia stories
look what we have now 2 new wardens and some epic heroes , "VoidWalker" seems has evil power and "Orderbound" looks have more saint power
if we get a real story about Narcia,Heroes,Wardens, it makes a river for every player and players can swim along the river in this story.
Like :
+what were the ancient struggles like in Narcia?
+How our wardens were born and where they come from?
+Was there a very evil hero in this story?
+And that may happen again in the future?

as i said a great story making everything better
Thank U.

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This is an interesting concept, which actually makes a great deal of sense.  A well thought out *folk lore for the Narcia Islands and the heroes contained therein would add a new dimension of entertainment for the entire Castle Clash *saga.


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Posted on 2/15/21 10:32:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I thinking again to this idea
the story is a big change in castle clash so maybe we should make it smaller
details :
+In narcia there is a lost book that tells an old story .

+This book has just been discovered and has magical properties.

so we could have some options here :

+This book can tell stories from all times : past, present and future.

+Parts of the book are damaged during the time or magic effects or some pages are missing.

+Therefore, different stories can be included in the book.

and some additional features to add charm to the players 
like :
+In narcia there is only one person or hero who can read the book.

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