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[Suggestion] Suggested Improvements to game

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Posted on 12/30/20 10:00:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Unsure if this is correct topic heading for this post: I’ve been playing since around the beginning of the game on iOS ( IGN: Tiggy) and have a few ideas that could possibly be passed on to developers if possible. Is there a more direct way to speak to devs?
-A hero Rival system. Unlike wardens, each hero has a rival hero based on lore that they have specific weaknesses, strengths against. For example, say Aries and Warlock are rivals, one would gain hp or dmg reduction in battle vs the other, etc. it would further add to hero dynamic in the game.
- 2 vs 2 arena or pvp battle system. The availability to use friends in a strict pvp setting like arena would make for an interesting game mode. Perhaps make each player choose 3 heroes.
- Skins for heroes not given skins yet, especially Destroyer and SM.
- A tiered battle mode( similar to squad showdown) that uses players own heroes. Break tiers down by updates so outdated heroes can be used. For example, tier 1- paladin to candy kane, tier 2- Arctica to Gunslinger, tier 3- Rockno to Professor Ribbit, tier 4- lavanica to miss magic, and tier 5- Dyna til next update. When 5th tier gets too large, create a 6th or combine 1 into 2. Heroes from older tiers could be used in newer tiers, but new heroes can’t battle in a tier 1 fight.
Each player gets 5-6 battle chances a day at any tier, winning prizes for different tiers vary and are scaled ( codex books, prestige, hero vestige)
-create boost items like the talent changer ones that affect heroes in battle. For example “for 10 seconds, saint faction heroes gain 50% energy recovery in battle”.
- Mega Evolution. Allow heroes the chance to mega evolve past second evo. Make it cost 10 duplicate cards or comparable conversion from shards or soul stones, along with evolution stones and red crystals. Mega evolution should augment stats and offer each hero 1 of 3 choices as unique ability. This ability can’t be changed once selected and should vary from hero to hero. For example, a mega evolved Druid would be given the choice of its unique ability to be 1. 10/10 Life Drain, 2. Immunity to silence/calamity, 3. Increase the amount each friendly hero can heal.
I feel this would open up players interest in older heroes, and could bring in new revenue to IGG based on what they already released.
- Create a talent/ insignia/ enchantment specifically for dragons like the voidwalker And order bound talents/insignias. “ Dragon Rage”. Dragons equipped with dragon rage gain x% attack, reduce x% or dmg, reduce reflected dmg by x%. Non dragons only gain half of each stat and reduce energy recovery by 85%.
Last I have 4 hero ideas, do with them what you wish

1. Serrated Golem
Raises HP by x%,  healing self by 10% every .5 seconds for x seconds. Enemy attacks against Serrated Golem deal 25% dmg back to enemy. (This is not reflected and can’t be reduced). Serrated Golem is immune to silence, energy reduction, calamity, and stun. Every 5 seconds serrated golem raises enemies in fronts atk spd by x% and reduces their damage reduction by x% for x seconds. Hero has 10/10 revive.  Cool down: 8 seconds.
Would force enemies in front to attack faster, as they are hit with 25% or their own attack that can’t be mitigated by DC or WA.

2. Plague Bearer
Increases attack by x%, randomly hitting enemies (hero priority) every .04 seconds for x seconds. 33% chance the projectile will poison the enemy, lowering healing by 100%, dealing x% attack, and causing x % energy to reduce for x seconds. 33% chance the projectile will blind the enemy, lowering acc by 100%, dealing x% attack, and reducing attk speed by x% for x seconds. 33% chance the projectile will enrage the enemy, lowering enemy crit resist by 100%, dealing x% attack, and lowering their attack by x% for x seconds. Enemies in front take x%more damage and dodge is reduced by x%. This hero is immune to calamity and silence.

3. Tremorica ( A ground dragon)
Burrows under ground, becoming invulnerable to dmg for x seconds, raises own crit by x%, crit dmg by x%, ignores enemy dodge for x seconds. Upon returning to surface, deals x% dmg every 0.2 seconds for 2 seconds to enemy ground heroes, causing inhibit on enemy ground heroes for 3 seconds. Flying enemies deal 75% less damage to tremorica and receive x% more damage. Tremorica cannot be affected by any condition and heals self by 10% Hp every regular attack.

4 . Highway men ( Robin Hood and his merry men)
Removes x buffs from x random enemies and places those buffs on Highway men. Cool down: 6 seconds. Every 5 seconds, Highway Men become elusive for x seconds, increasing dodge by x % and crit dmg by x%. Highway men cannot receive more than 9000 reflected dmg and are immune to stun and silence.

Posted on 12/30/20 2:46:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

please something for us f2p people this sounds something for p2p players and im a f2p player

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First things first.
If You are making post with Your ideas than it should be always in "Suggestion" thread, and this is where i am moving it.
As for Your post there are ideas which are not new (like trying t make old heroes relevant which so far was not successful, skins for all heroes or 1v1 hero mode) but there are also some new ones which are quite interesting. Some are little op but we know devs can sometimes make shocking decisions and heroes, and we have to deal with it. 
Thanks for ideas, maybe some will be added to game. :)

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