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[Suggestion] UI Adjustments

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Posted on 1/7/21 5:25:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Cichociemiak, actually beat me posting this issue, but the new drop down for the main story is actually in the way.  It should be a fixed clickable link much as it was before.  While we are on the subject, when considering new designs for the UI, please keep in mind that the screens need to be as free of obstructions as possible so that we can actually view and enjoy the battles.  For instance, the "EXIT" button is in the middle of the screen and always blocks part of the battle.  We do not have the ability to move the screen to bypass this obstruction.  I intend to expand on my personal views as to how the UI should look and function a bit later, but please feel free to add your input as well.


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Posted on 1/9/21 3:16:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a couple more issue that I will label "Design Flaws" that we would appreciate IGG addressing to improve our gaming experience.

"Exit Button"
As mentioned above; it's placement is at the top / center of the screen, it ALWAYS obstructs the view of either a battle or hero stats.  Please move to one of the upper or lower corners where it should not obstruct our views.

For a newbie it could be very helpful, but it is not for those of us who have created smurf accounts.  We should not be forced to stop our gameplay to follow that gloved finger through multiple screens before we can resume whatever we were doing.

I suggest you add a link ingame, perhaps in the book for tutorials which can be expanded to list all the tutorials with clickable links.  This will enable members to select which tutorials they would like to see and even inform members of resources they will need to navigate features they are about to access.

"Main Story"
The conversations between the heroes at the beginning of each new level also obstructs view of our base, please contain in a space which does not obstruct our view.  Perhaps it can be added beneath the reward collection line so that we view them after we collect the rewards from each level and before starting new one.  Which to me makes sense because it is contained within one place and even though the drop down obstructs our view, it should not matter if we are actually trying to level up that feature.

"Guild Chat"
Currently there is no notification as to whether our guild members are chatting, which presents a problem with team coordination for team battles.  It is essential that chat for the team features be in an easy to access place within the game.  The previous placement was perfect as it did not obstruct our views and was easily accessible.

"Popup Packs"
The placement of these packs obstructs the portal for HBM & HT, I suggest moving them to beneath the Bazaar during the countdown period for their removal.

In short I personally feel that there are too many icons placed in a manner that obstructs view of the base as well as game mode entry portals.  I personally would appreciate a little though being given to how to consolidate them into drop down or clickable links that will enable us to select whatever it is we we want or need, thereby providing a clear view of the base and all the battles.  Perhaps their could be a small section divided on one side of the screen and all the icons and drop down links lined up on that side so that nothing actually obstructs our view during battles.  Further this split screen should only be in view from the main page as that is the only screen where we would access any of these features.  Finally, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! move the exit button to the very edit of one of the corner so that it does not obstruct any part of the battles or hero stats.


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Posted on 1/9/21 7:06:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good suggestions; hope IGG read them. 


- Exit button: they could do this smaller.

- Tutorial: they could add a Skipp button too like when you star to play first time CC. 

And I LIKE your last suggestion about differents icons: clikable. On Base I add 3 news: Might (our name, might, events and other icons), Resources/gems (their resources, gems, builders, etc) and Bazaar (their offer and active events in that moment).

I don't remember if CC:ND had it this way, since I left it a long time ago, but it would be much more comfortable. Not forgetting in battle screens or dungeons.

Ps: Now that I remember, is resource icon necessary to show in our base when you can see it through Town hall? :ermm:

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