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[Suggestion] Prospector's Wheel version 1.8.6

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Posted on 1/10/21 5:50:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you, IGG for putting resource select box I in the Prospector's Wheel.

I would like to suggest these changes:
1. Mastery Essence III should stay in the Prospector's Wheel while shard pack III should be removed from the Prospector's Wheel because Mastery Essence III can be sold for shard but shard pack III cannot be used to level up heroes' skill.

2. Increase Resource Select Box I number to at least 10 because 500k blue crystal is not even enough to level up 1 level of adeptness. 

3. Put 5 gratitude chest as one of the rare item reward as it is better than 30 capstone ruby or 100 legendary hero vestige.

4. Increase the number of rare items. 30 Capstone ruby, 100 legendary hero vestige are little compared to the amount we need to use. 

Prospector's wheel on 2021/01/10

Prospector's wheel on 2020/12/27

Prospector's wheel on 2020/12/10

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Posted on 1/10/21 6:08:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i agree

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Posted on 1/11/21 12:21:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You make some good suggestions based on your account and desired resources, but you should keep in mind that all resources are invaluable to someone since we have members concentrating on various tasks for accounts of various levels.  What is importance to you is of little importance to others.  We have a lot of members that are miles away from worrying about indeptness, and some who have not been able to acquire even one Epic hero so shards are of value to them as they can be used to aid in leveling their heroes.


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Posted on 1/11/21 1:51:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Adding the select feature for a group of resources would probably be a good addition as it would allow those resources to be removed from the options available such as HB, Shards & books opening up 2 spaces for other options. 

This is what you said in another thread

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Posted on 1/11/21 2:02:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In case you wonder why we need blue crystal. Before adeptness, we need blue crystal to inscribe to use insignia. 

To reach level 100, we need 14 million of blue crystal. We can inscribe to level 100 when a hero reaches level 140 which means players who have 15k might or so can already do that. They need blue crystal, don't they?

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Posted on 1/11/21 5:13:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As much as overall idea is interesting i don't think devs would improve it that much. Mechanic is simple - buy quickly or slowly grind. Events are supposed to help if you want to spend a lot on them. Economics is simple, and devs already made huge progress increasing free rewards and giving us options to get better ones. LR was supposed to be main source of Blue Crystals for F2P and minor P2P while bazaar is option for P2P+. But some folks were not interested in it, and not they lack of Blu Crystals. And right now they can either wait of buy them.

Don't get me wrong, i am not defending devs but i want to be realistic. 
I haven't seen game where you can get lvls/resources quickly as you advance more and more. Every time further You are, more slowly progress is. Same here. 
I think sometime devs will make another good F2P change, but hard to tell if this will be it or something else.

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Posted on 1/11/21 8:30:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In case you wonder, these are the items inside resource select box I. 

Since you have to remove a slot to make space for resource select box I, why not removing shard pack III and keep mastery essence III

3 Reasons:
1. mastery essence III is needed for pets' and heroes' skill levelling up
2. shard pack III can be obtained from resource select box I
3. mastery essence III can be sold for shard

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