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[Suggestion] Raid battle are confusing I don't know how to better my hero's to get look

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Posted on 1/11/21 2:30:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

There should be a list after a raid listing which hero killed which hero and how much damage got caused between each other.

Posted on 1/11/21 4:56:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can I ask how long you have been playing, because most members know which hero killed which?.  However that would be a very detailed listing, can I ask where amongst the cluttered scene do you view such a listing being posted?


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Posted on 1/11/21 6:42:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The current list that you can see at the end of a Raid is the Heroes who have died (or troops);unless what you suggest (because I see you post a suggestion) a detailed list with more information (for example this):

Your team:

Zephyrica kill -> Lazulix (600k DMG), Dash (800k DMG) [Max DMG: 800k]
Walla kill -> none [Max DMG: 400k] dead
DK kill -> Boreal Fox (1M Damage) [Max DMG: 1M]
BF kill -> none [Max DMG: 0] dead
Cosmo kill -> none [Max DMG: 0] dead
Axel kill -> Athene (500k)

180 troops dead

X player:

DK kill -> Walla (900k) [Max DMG: 900k]
Athene kill -> none [Max DMG: 0] dead
Lazulix kill -> none [Max DMG: 0] dead
Dash kill ->  none [Max DMG: 0] dead
BF kill -> Cosmo (700k DMG) [Max DMG: 700k] dead
Rune Master kill -> BF (800k) [Max DMG: 800k]

236 troops dead

I'm not sure if IGG would implement something so detailed........but it's good to give suggestions in case there is something they like or consider to be good because it improves the game.

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Posted on 1/11/21 5:19:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

And how do You think it would look like ?? There is a lot's of info which hero damaged which hero, or killed that hero, not mentioning about troops. 
Main question is if we really need this info ?? We can see from battle more or less who killed someone. We can make build especially for hero killing, and than we know which hero have higher chance to kill hero. But since it is random i really don't think we need info like that. Summary screen would require 2 separate screens filled with all of info. And i don't think devs would like to add this to game. To much work.

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