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[Suggestion] [Suggestion] trade prestige for Vic. Marks, Fame & Merits

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Hmm not a bad suggestion but I doubt IGG will do Vic. Marks seeing as its one of the only things that makes blitz a good game mode. It would sure be interesting to see if they added fame or merits though.

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Although idea is interesting i doubt it will happen.
It would be easier to make 1 currency for all modes without all of this. But this would require to rework all shops into one big available from one place which is not bad at all but it would require lots of work, and there is chance for many bugs. It would be easier to get some items for sure 1 to those for example which are not in any guild it are not participating all events and modes.

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Since Fame & Merits are supposed to be eventually phased out this does not seem to be a viable suggestion, at least not until IGG actually starts the phase out.


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