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[Suggestion] Leprechaun hero idea

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Posted on 2/20/21 4:52:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was told that a rendering or hero explanation would do better, so here it is:
A rough sketch of  hero

Leprechaun has at lvl 1: Base att- 501 base hp-  14000 base att spd- 1000  base speed- 350

Coin trick

Throws gold coins in an arc. Enemy heroes hit with gold coins att spd and att is reduced by 50% for 3 seconds and take 400% attack (this damage is true damage). Friendly heroes hit with gold coins receive 200% of dmg  done to enemies as health and raise att by 200% for 4seconds. Cooldown: 6 seconds. Basic attacks from leprechaun can’t be dodged and it is immune to stun calamity and paralyze.

ADD: by FirstLady

Base att-350 base hp- 14200 base att spd- 1200 base speed- 400

Divine Clover

Raises friendly heroes att spd, crit resist , and energy regain rate by 60%  for 4 seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds. Heals self for 500% attack every 5 seconds. This hero can’t be attacked by more than 2 enemy heroes at a single time (enemy attacks that exceed 2 in .200 seconds are automatically dodged) and is immune to paralyze, stun, and entangle.

Posted on 2/20/21 5:41:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Again this could have been posted in the original thread, no additional commentary will be offered regarding your obvious spamming.


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Posted on 2/21/21 10:28:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting idea for hero which is lowering attack speed of enemies hit by skill. And interesting is you used "arc" instead "in range" cause this is limiting hero options.
But thanks for explaining your idea, cause now it looks much much better than before. And even you managed to make drawing, which rare in hero suggestion threads.
Thanks for your effort :)

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Posted on 2/22/21 10:19:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting hero suggestions. Adding Patrick as a hero would be interesting, first crit res buffing hero and can only be hit by 2 heros at a time.

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