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[Suggestion] New Hero: Plague Bearer

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Posted on 3/19/21 9:43:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Backstory. Plague Bearer was once the enslaved pet of the arch demon. He would be forced to bring death and destruction to the world. He broke free of his chains and bonds to the arch demon and now chooses his own path.

-skill name : Pestilence
Increases attack by x%, randomly hitting enemies (hero priority) every .04 seconds for x seconds. Cooldown 6 seconds. 33% chance the projectile will poison the enemy, lowering healing by 85%, dealing x% attack, and causing x % energy to reduce for x seconds. 33% chance the projectile will impair the enemy, lowering acc by 85%, dealing x% attack, and reducing attk speed by x% for x seconds. 33% chance the projectile will enrage the enemy, lowering enemy crit resist by 100%, dealing x% attack, but raising their attack by x% for x seconds. Enemies in front take 30% more damage and have a chance to become  “diseased” for 2 seconds. (Diseased heroes lose all buffs, cant proc, lose 10% hp per second and reduce their allies crit resist by 30%)
Limits enemy that is attacks physically healing to 20,000 hp per heal. This hero is immune to paralyze, calamity, inhibit and silence.

Hero notes:
-Plague Bearers “wings” lift exposing poisonous glands. The glands shoot poison at enemies and his ribs are exposed while wings are up. Poisonous gas purges from his ribs when wings are up. Has row of spikes that follow down spine even in between the two wings. Plague bearer exhales toxic gases that are deadly to any close enough. His tail is similar to an ankylosaurus and a stegosaurus together

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Another detailed idea. Dude, you are getting better and better with that.
Nice drawing.

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Something that is pretty rare around here, a comprehensive suggestion.  Kudos!


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Posted on 3/22/21 10:04:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting hero. I feel like all it would take to beat this dragon is to place all heros away from him and let them snipe him. Just having walla or rudoff on team would render most of his debuffs ineffective but still neat idea would be interesting to see IGG implement something like this into the game.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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