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[Suggestion] Game mode rewards suggestion

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Posted on 4/24/21 7:17:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Create a simple bet feature that would allow players in certain game modes to place a bet of a chosen game currency (gems, shards, apex crystal, codex books etc) and choose a specific time frame they will finish a game mode or how much time (within 10 second increments) would be left in counter. If they are correct they would receive a bonus random multiplier to the bet with a cap per bet and daily limit cap for each. If they fail or miss the time window they lose the bet.

For example: a player is in Here Be Demon and selects time left on clock to be 50-40 seconds left. The options for bets in this mode are shards, HB, and hero vestige. The player can bet up to 500 shards, 20000 HB, or 100 vestige per bet. The player rolls their multiplier wheel and gets a 20%.  The player finishes with 47 seconds remaining. So they are paid out their original bet plus 20% from the multiplier. The currencies could change from game mode to game mode or from week to week.

This would also work in dungeons whether choosing percentage complete or time finished.

Posted on 4/24/21 7:29:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well this just feels like gambling.  I realize that you have designed this around the game but imho it is nothing more then betting / gambling........but good luck!!


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