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[Suggestion] Remove Warden Quest; New Lost Realm chest Requiring multiple keys

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Posted on 6/17/21 7:13:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. PLease remove the Quest on quest boards requiring the use of a certain Warden. The new update makes the quest board less enjoyable because I have to change my teams in order to fulfill that quest.

2. PLease add a new chest requiring several keys on lost realm. There are lots of surplus of keys in the lost realm and it is impossible to reasonably utilize these surplus keys. My game time is about 200 days, but I already have excess of 200 keys on each kinds of keys. 

3. PLease restore the old arena interface where it also shows the hero of the enemy.

Posted on 6/17/21 8:33:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. This one is simple. In second and third Lost Realm team put fixed Respective heroes to get specific warden and voila. Problem solved. This one is really quick.
2. Just sold those keys when you will have lots of them and also problem solved. Although me chest with new rewards would be tempting.
3. I can sign under that.

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