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[Suggestion] Closing the "Free Gems" Page

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Posted on 7/29/21 3:48:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Hi Castle Clash devs,

I read your announcement that the Free Gems page is going to be closed because of user complaints. As a veteran player (5 and a half years), I just want to let you know that most users do not want the page to be closed, and whomever said so does not represent the majority of players. Even if there are a big number of players who find it "tiring/cumbersome", I'm sure that if the tasks were curated properly then those players would be satisfied easily.

Closing the page is not really fair to the players, for reasons such as: players still have tasks in the Free Gems page that are almost completed where their progress will be lost (like me), the Free Gems page isn't actually free and provides revenue to CC through Tapjoy so players who use it lose a source of purchasing gems by exchanging their time/effort, and it has remained since I started Castle Clash over 5 years ago, and a "replacement" will just ruin an already working system that can be easily fixed resolving any user complaints and keeping your veteran players satisfied.

If the page closes, I can assure CC that a lot of veteran players who agree with me may no longer find it worthwhile to play anymore since the features we use have been taken away. Additionally, the bottleneck of using events to earn gems, and the other option of purchasing a miniscule amount of gems for a lot of $$ will bottleneck the players out of the game. Not just regular players but P2Ws too.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pumpkin Doge
Posted on 8/1/21 1:54:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes. Closing tapjoy without even a warning first is incorrect, we wasted days and days of play to get a reward. IGG, bad choice.