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[Suggestion] Make Castle Clash Playable Again.

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Semi-Veteran player here. In the year and half that I've been engaging with the community, time and time again I notice issues that are constantly ignored that could make the game semi-bearable. I'm not here to ask for tapjoy to return or to demand F2P players have an easier time to get better rewards. I'm here to ask that the game becomes more playable. I've seen these small baby steps leaning towards the right direction, but that's all they are, baby steps. A year and a half later, there are still underage people asking for explicitly inappropriate role play in DM's. A year and a half later I still need to spend 3+ hours a day working on heroes trying to get that one specific talent, even with auto roll enabled. A year and a half later I still see these weird changes that aren't solving any real issue. Let's start throwing out some random suggestions that may improve the quality of the game so to speak.

Inactive players and guilds are able to permanently keep their name, even if they haven't logged on in 5+ years and will never log on again. It would be extremely nice to have a name I use everywhere else that I could use in game, but nope. I need to use a weird name because there's a 720 might account that hasn't logged on since I started playing that has the name claimed. There are guilds with all these great names that are just rotting because the guild owners and members never log on, so they can't disband or ever invite anyone.

Let's look at global chat. It's an absolutely great feature for any game. It's a main hub for players to communicate and share information with each other, at least, that's what I would say about any other game. Unfortunately with castle clash, global chat is piled with MINORS asking for things such as nudes, dirty role play, and so on. I speak from personal experience, I once had a 14 YEAR OLD KID ask me if I wanted to do a BEASTIALITY ROLE PLAY. this kind of stuff is so very obviously not okay. But a year and a half later, and to nobody's surprise, absolutely nothing has been done about it. These are kids we are talking about here, for a game that's supposed to be rated E for Everyone, it sure is twisted. You have so many options available to fix the situation. You can have community voted chat mods, you can have filters that will block specific sets of keywords. I mean the solution is so unbearably easy to solve, and yet here it is, not solved.

Let's talk a out general upgrading/game play. I've seen these small little steps that make the game slightly less time consuming when upgrading, but at the end of the day, its really not saving a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. I can auto roll for any specific talent once a second. Odds are if it's a newer talent I'm trying to get, I'll be spending a good few minute just waiting. Was it really that difficult to implement a feature that could let you open 20, 30, 50 boxes at a time and tell you if you got it or not? Instead I'm forced to just sit and watch talents slowly roll by. The same applies for enchants, the developers at IGG were so close to making everything so good, and they instead gave out what essentially feels like the bare minimum. I need to wait a good 10 or so minutes just to take a hero to breakthrough 1 to 35 when instead I could press a button called "instant upgrade" and select what breakthrough level and tier I want to get a specific hero to. Yet, years later, I'm still needing to wait 10+ minutes every single time. I genuinely think that if i wasn't forced to wait to roll for things or upgrade things, the progress that I've made in a year and a half or so could have very possibly been shaven down to months. Instead I need to wait, I'll get distracted, and then I'll be done for the day. Again, there are so many possibilities to fix issues like these to just cut down on waiting times to get specific things, but here is IGG, just making the waiting process automatic instead of removing it entirely.

These are just very base level things I'm talking about, this stuff should never have needed to have been brought up, or taken 7+ years to do or fix.

Let's talk about genuine gameplay. Does anyone actually play any gamemode aside from team dungeons, arena, and narcia? There are like 20 unique gamemodes to choose from, yet nobody plays them unless they are needed for a quest or something. Arid Ruins, Labyrinth, Lost Land, Lost Realm, I mean, I haven't touched these since I started playing. These gamemodes need something to add more spice to the game. Dungeons and trials are cool sometimes. They can make for some challenging PvE. But once you beat everything, then what? Just keep doing levels over and over trying to do them faster and faster? There's no real legitimate goal. Once you do it, your more or less done with it unless your going to speed run it. All these gamemodes need a reward revamp or something to actually attract players to them and make the game feel like more than just 5 different gamemodes. Again, loads of fixes can be done yet here's nothing from IGG.

The amount of money I've spent myself could pay a single developer to do a fair deal for the game and fix a majority of these MAJOR issues that IGG is blindsiding. These are just very base level things I'm talking about, this stuff should never have needed to have been brought up, or taken 7+ years to do or fix. These are just my two cents though. At the end of the day, I'm just a player who feeds money to a game that is slowly getting killed off by a company that refuses to tackle issues at their base, what does my opinion matter, you know?

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I apologize I'm advance for any spelling errors or if I worded anything incorrectly. It's currently 5 AM at the time of writing this so I'm "out of commission" to say the least.

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Sorry, I've never been DM'd by anyone asking to do sexual stuff. Report them through Live Support. You keep mentioning their age, but how do you know they are 13 or 14.

I stopped reading after the 3rd paragraph. I may come back to this again later.

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Ok so first most members would respond with tdl,dr because there is a wall of text which frankly only addresses a personal complaint.

*In regards to members or guilds not being active for 1-1/2yrs:  We have many members who do take breaks from the game and have returned after longer periods, so the concept of deleting these members or disbanding the guilds would only create a bigger problem.  in fact since this is a global vehicle your desired name could have been taken by someone who is actually is active so activity level does not really justify your complaint.

*Regarding the Global chat:  It would undoubtedly be a great feature for the game, unfortunately not everyone is willing to conduct themselves as adults.  This feature was removed previously due to the same issues.  It would be difficult to create a ban word list for one region but since this game is global it is virtually impossible and for whatever reason IGG has not invested in having around the clock monitors to address the issue.

*Regarding the general upgrading/gameplay:  Opening 20, 30, 50 talent/enchantment boxes at one time is potentially something that could be on the horizon.  Unfortunately things aren't always implemented when we would like. However if it follows the format of the multiple hero rolls you could potentially loose out of something that you are looking for as you would not be able to retain all 20, 30 or 50 talents/enchantment rolled. 

*Regarding instant upgrade for hero break-through:  This also could potentially be on the horizon, there is already a feature that will allow you to press a button and it be upgraded as far as your resources will allow, granted it is not "instant" but the basic feature does exists.  Btw: Breakthrough is not a feature that even existed when the game was released, your post reads as if it has been ignored for 8yrs which is simply not true.  You refer to things as being base level items which should never have needed to be addressed, but everything you mention is something that was released several years into the game, and it is reasonable to assume that things incorporated into the game will require some tweaking.  Further given that there are so many things it will undoubtedly take time.

Re: General Gameplay: Yes there are members that frequent every game mode, in fact the various game modes released were in response to member suggestions.  So you not assume that just because it holds no interest for you that everyone from every region patronizing the game feels the same as you do,.

Re: Rewards revamping:  This is something everyone has been requesting for sometime, and in response IGG has been revamping game modes and the associated rewards, however things take time, it is unrealistic to believe that they will all get a facelift at once.

Re: The amount you have spent:  It is really irrelevant.  Whatever you spent was based on your own desire to do so.  It was neither required nor was it coerced, you saw what you wanted and you spent to get it instead of waiting for it to be included in the rewards for gameplay.  So what you spent is not justification for anything.  

Now on a personal note, you have stated you have played all of 1-1/2yrs and you have a total of 3 forum points, so take this advice to heart.  Things don't occur over night or without just cause, members submit comprehensive suggestions and IGG responds accordingly.  Now when I say comprehensive, I mean the suggestions address either one or multiple closely related issues, and give detailed explanations for their existence. Expansive rants are generally overlooked or flat out ignored, so if you want your suggestions to be taken seriously you might want to conform to that type of format.  Good Luck!


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Posted on 8/6/21 9:53:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So you just started playing because you have never played some of the game modes since beginning and spent dollars and have everything already. You just have the rich white kid problem. 

You hate wasting time yet you play narcia.